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Rock Band Song Pack 1


Harmonix Music Systems



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07/15/08 MTV Games
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09/26/08 MTV Games

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Keep on Rockin’

Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1 is a standalone gameplay companion to Rock Band, the collaborative, competitive, and single player music game. Rock Band lets you and your friends form your own band and live out your rock and roll fantasies to music’s greatest soundtrack, and the Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1 lets Playstation 2 and Wii users extend their experience with more great songs from the Rock Band catalog. Players with Rock Band-compatible peripherals can keep the party going with 20 hit songs from the pantheon of rock music, hand-picked with care by Harmonix.


A fully functional game with all the great features of Rock Band

Includes Solo and Band Tour Mode, Quickplay, Tug of War, Score Dual, and song unlock progression

Standalone software compatible with Rock Band Special Edition or Rock Band peripherals

20 of the most popular tracks in Rock Band history distilled to perfection onto one disc

All songs utilize the original master recordings

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1 n/a 26,292 n/a 4,640 30,932
2 n/a 8,966 n/a 1,582 10,548
3 n/a 5,313 n/a 938 6,251
4 n/a 3,574 n/a 631 4,205
5 n/a 2,573 n/a 454 3,027
6 n/a 2,281 n/a 403 2,684
7 n/a 2,133 n/a 376 2,509
8 n/a 1,802 n/a 318 2,120
9 n/a 1,823 n/a 322 2,145
10 n/a 1,488 n/a 261 1,749

Opinion (3)

brk00 posted 15/10/2008, 06:31
If it gets 250k it will be great.
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Zucas posted 31/07/2008, 09:24
It's better than not giving it to us at all haha.
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thetonestarr posted 21/07/2008, 03:06
Not the ideal solution, but not a bad idea, either. Will likely purchase in a few months when I tire of the current 63 songs.

And, the best part is - it'll probably be significantly cheaper by then on eBay or Amazon. Worth it by then.
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