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Namco Tales Studio



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All, PS2

Release Dates

07/14/04 Namco
08/30/03 Namco
11/20/04 Nintendo

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Owners: 554
Favorite: 65
Tracked: 2
Wishlist: 13
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Tales of Symphonia - Screenshots

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953,000 Units
As of: December 11th, 2007

Opinion (62)

bigjon posted 09/03/2014, 10:53
this game is amazing. top RPGs I have ever played.
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Arfen posted 22/08/2013, 11:33
the best Tales of game ever
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Otakumegane posted 06/02/2013, 04:52
Man this game sold more in NA than JP.
Boxart sells games.
Why haven't they released more of these on Nintendo consoles...
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Mad55 posted 08/08/2012, 04:28
Im back again my lovely symphonia!!!! lol
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Cheddarchet posted 15/06/2012, 04:10
Both my first and favorite Tales game to date (though Vesperia is a pretty close second). Still mad that my first disc got scratched, so I'll have to buy a new copy if I ever want to replay it...
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Adamx509 posted 02/05/2012, 05:57
I love this game, best game on GC! Im glad I still have my copy, I just need to buy a wii in order to play it :/
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