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11/09/22 Sony Interactive Entertainment
11/09/22 Sony Interactive Entertainment
11/09/22 Sony Interactive Entertainment

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Presentation - 10
Gameplay - 7.5
Value - 7.0
The game promise a lot, improve in different aspects, but fails to delivery a good Ragnarök plot.

When I finished in 2018 the new God of War game, it was so good that I can only image how a sequence could improve what was done in the beginning of the new saga in the iconic Playstation franchise. 

However, at the end of Ragnarök the mix feeling is inevitable, the more I think in the game, more bad it's feel for me.

Firstly, let's be honest, the game is gorgeous on PS5 and by far one of the beautiful things in the new gen. All the voice actors are incredible here, and for me is Danielle Bisutti, the actress that play Freya that gives the greatest performance.

Secondly, the gameplay is even better than the 2018 version, feels good and the enemies are not so much a sponge of damage like before, but occasionally this problem can happen again. 

Unfortunately, the improved gameplay face a big issue that is the lack of good boss fights and enemies. By far, this game has the worst enemies design of all 4 mainline games. Almost all basic enemies of different worlds have the same combat strategy, what after 15 hours of game is tremendous tedious. 

Even that some sub-bosses are excellent, all final bosses lack of content or are too simple to fight. We do not have one iconic moment or fight like in 2018 against Baldur or even the amazing set pieces from the trilogy from the PS2.

Another problems are the puzzles, always too easy, they are more like a barrier only to you do not walk in straight line from point A to B. If you take more than one minute to resolve the puzzle Mimir/Atreus give to you the answer and do not let the player think about the resolution.

More than that, the game have a big problem to tell the history. The beginning is wonderful, but in the middle of the plot they lost the sense of rhythm, many moments of the game feels out of order. In some moments, the game is slow and unnecessary. In other important and good moments, the game is hurry and whitout the time that is necessary to deliver a good history.

Finally, the Ragnarök part of the game is kind of pathetic, short and too fast. They promised to you the end of the word, but deliver the 6 people fighting in a war. God of War 2 and 3 did it so much better. The same happened in final battle.

In conclusion, the game is hostage of the original idea of the new Saga. To evolve the bond between Atreus and Kratos, and give and deserve evolution for both, with and emotional history that the game delivery and is superb. The writers failed to connect that with the Asgard history, with a good Ragnarök. At the end, the game do not have one good set piece, or moment that is relevant like the 2018, or even iconic fights like the old trilogy. Thor and Odin are poorly used. 

You definitely should play Ragnarök is a great game, but the game lack in everything that the series did well until here.

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