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A Rat’s Quest: The Way Back Home - Summary

Mat is a young male rat that lives in a rat burrow in the abandoned wine cellar of an ample foursquare American house, together with other rats. He loves Nat, a small female mouse kept as a pet, who lives at the very top of said house. Being from different worlds, they plot a plan to escape to “the outside” together. His overconfidence puts them in peril’s way, incarnated by “The Claw”, a feral feline.

Mat must make his way back home to her, overcoming a journey across woodlands, caves, and swamps, defying overwhelming danger of a winged, poisonous and scale-bond variety. With a rivet for a sword, a button for a shield and rusty nails as throwing daggers, Mat will brave a world to which he is unwelcome, to return to Nat.

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