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Pocket Monsters Sword / Shield

ポケットモンスター ソード / シールド


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Release Dates

11/15/19 Nintendo
11/15/19 Nintendo
11/15/19 Nintendo

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Better than "meh"

08th Dec 2019 | 1,848 views 


User Score

Presentation - 1.0
Gameplay - 1.0
Value - 1.0
The best Pokemon since X, but still lacking vital improvements.

The best game since Pokémon X, with plenty of added features for longer and more enjoyable play, including post-game content. The dynamax feature is better than x moves or mega stone evolutions, the crowds add a real sense of importance to the tournament, and for the first time in a long time, there is an actual quality bad guy plot. Still, the visuals seem lazy compared to other series making the jump to HD (Luigi’s Mansion and Animal Crossing, for example), and the overall structure is nothing revolutionary. I’m growing tired of having my rival be some lighthearted kid. I want a real rival again like Blue! Anyway, this is the best Pokémon game in years but still nowhere near the top.

Shipping Total

21,850,000 Units
As of: June 30th, 2021

Opinion (13)

Marth posted 05/08/2021, 08:16
+750k in the last quarter
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heavenmercenary01 posted 15/05/2021, 12:58
Totally undeserved. This will keep Gamefreak to be lazier and the pokémon Co. greedier. What a robbery.
F*ck off.
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Marth posted 06/05/2021, 08:58
+750k in the last quarter
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Marth posted 01/02/2021, 07:15
+1.33M in the last quarter
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Marth posted 01/02/2021, 07:14
Cleared 20M
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Marth posted 05/11/2020, 08:10
+800k in the last quarter
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