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Sonic Team



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11/10/02 Sega
12/19/02 Sega
03/07/03 Infogrames

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Sonic Blast into the Past!

  • 7 Sonic hits
  • Unlockable games & secrets
  • Bonus material includes comic book covers, rare artwork, & more!
    • Sonic the Hedgehog
    • Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    • Sonic the Hedgehog 3
    • Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
    • Sonic Spinball
    • Sonic 3D Blast
    • Sonic & Knuckles

*Sega - back of box


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As of: December 31st, 2017

Opinion (5)

Okain posted 24/09/2008, 01:32
If you play this disc backwards on a gamecube you can hear the universe begin to rip.
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MontanaHatchet posted 28/04/2008, 03:15
Wow, this sold almost as much as Sonic Collection on the PS2.

The power of Sonic on Nintendo platforms is something to behold!
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The Ghost of RubangB posted 19/03/2008, 10:56
viewtiful_jon must've skipped Sonic 2. Or he's nuts.
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viewtiful_jon posted 02/03/2008, 10:47
One of my worst games for the GC, i dont know why people say Sonic has gone downhill he was always at the bottom now hes just digging a hole.
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*Yoshi* posted 01/02/2008, 01:15
One of my favourite games from the GC!! ^^
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