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11/14/17 Rockstar Games
12/07/17 Rockstar Games
11/14/17 Rockstar Games

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L.A. Noire - Summary

Amid the post-war boom of Hollywood's Golden Age, Cole Phelps, an LAPD detective is thrown headfirst into a city drowning in its own success. Corruption is rampant, the drug trade is exploding, and murder rates are at an all-time high. In his fight to climb the ranks and do what's right, Phelps must unravel the truth behind a string of arson attacks, racketeering conspiracies and brutal murders, battling the L.A. underworld and even members of his own department to uncover a secret that could shake the city to its rotten core.

Utilizing revolutionary facial animation technology that captures every nuance of an actor's facial performance in astonishing detail, L.A. Noire blends the breathtaking action with true detective work for an unprecedented interactive experience. Solve brutal crimes, plots and conspiracies inspired by real crimes from 1947 Los Angeles, one of the most corrupt and violent times in L.A. history. Search for clues, chase down suspects and interrogate witnesses as you struggle to find the truth in a city where everyone has something to hide.

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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 27,787 19,858 7,260 54,905
2 n/a 10,763 17,524 3,402 31,689
3 n/a 4,586 13,867 1,833 20,286
4 n/a 7,309 7,876 2,069 17,254
5 n/a 8,146 10,399 2,403 20,948
6 n/a 6,311 14,643 2,257 23,211
7 n/a 1,846 12,330 1,143 15,319
8 n/a 1,324 6,490 679 8,493
9 n/a 734 5,327 480 6,541
10 n/a 630 4,799 425 5,854

Opinion (9)

ChineseHistory101 posted 17/02/2019, 11:49
My favorite game of all time
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Mr Puggsly posted 05/09/2018, 09:55
While its surprising to see this ahead of the X1, its not like this game sold well on any platform.

Frankly, this was a remaster people weren't really asking for. I will wait until its like $5 - 10 if I consider buying it.
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Shiken posted 19/08/2018, 11:22
The fact that it is ahead of the X1 version should speak volumes to rockstar and sales potential for GTAV or their newer games.
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alejollorente10 posted 13/08/2018, 05:16
Multiplatform that came out the same day and 10 dollars more expensive than the other versions. And this has surpassed the Xbox One version and compares quite well with the PS4 version.

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Stuart23 posted 04/03/2018, 12:46
And in a shocking twist,this had a better december than Doom.
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CrisYoshi posted 04/02/2018, 11:12
Never played this game. I bought for Switch and it's funny!
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