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02/24/06 Atari
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02/01/06 Atari

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For more than a decade, Civilization has been considered to be the epitome of turn-based strategy gaming. Now you can experience this all time classic for the first time on a handheld, as the franchise is about to colonize the N-Gage game deck. You will face the greatest challenge in the history of humankind: to establish a civilization and lead it to prosperity. Along the way you will match wits with history’s greatest rulers, acquire resources, develop economies, respond to crises, and deal with rival civilizations using diplomacy, espionage and all out war. This game requires some serious consideration and strategy, since every choice you make will affect humanity thousands of years into the future. In the end, hopefully, you will be the one left standing.


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highwaystar101 posted 08/04/2009, 07:47
Civilisation was on N-gage

*goes on eBay looking for N-gage*
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