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Paradigm Entertainment, Electronic Arts



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03/24/99 Electronic Arts
11/26/99 Electronic Arts Victor
09/04/99 Electronic Arts

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Be ready for a fast, high-flying, and groovy experience when you play Beetle Adventure Racing. This is Electronic Arts' premiere racing game for the Nintendo 64 console. Here's some specifics:

  • See some of the best graphics the Nintendo 64 can produce.
  • Race in 3 different classes, with each new class unlocked as you complete the circuits. There's even two special cars to unlock after that!
  • Find the 3 flower boxes in each race to unlock secret cheats and gain the upper hand on the competition.
  • Be sure to look out for the point boxes, as they unlock previously inaccessible multiplayer arenas.
  • There are numerous shortcuts and alternate routes to travel, so choose the fastest path to guarantee yourself a win. But remember, you only get 3 laps!

So what exactly are the tracks like? Are they simple child's play? Of course not! Each is more challenging than the last, with six huge courses in total:

  1. Coventry Cove: Take a trip through the quiet countryside in this track. You can jump over boats, barrel through barns, and drive through an old castle. You might get crushed by a crane if you aren't careful.
  2. Mount Mayhem: This race takes place on a lonely but large mountainside. Take a chance on the ski jump (complete with a crowd), or even catch a glimpse of a UFO (odd, aren't they usually in the desert?). But watch out for the helicopters, they may get you if you stray too far of the road.
  3. Inferno Isle: It's beter than Jurrasic Park; you get to race around a tropical island, and without getting eaten by dinosaurs! Notable places are the authentic deserted villages, pirate battles, and a volcano flowing with lava. That's one hot bath you don't want to take.
  4. Sunset Sands: Have you ever wanted to see the pyramids? Now's your chance to in this desert-themed level. There are plenty of booby traps, elevator rides, and huge statues just like the real thing. Taking the wrong way has proven to decrease your chances of winning, so be on the alert at all times.
  5. Metro Madness: Ah, the big city. They're always full of things to do, and this race is no exception. Stop at the casino/hotel for a taste of Vegas, rush through parking lots, smash through a movie theater, or race a subway down its tracks. There are no cops either, so the only thing stopping you is yourself!
  6. Wicked Woods: It's Halloween all over again folks. Spooks and scares lay at every turn. There are two ways to tackle almost anything here. Will you go through the cathedral's doors or the windows up top? Will you go around the dragon or right in front of him? Will you stay on the normal path the entire race, or go on one with giant pumpkins? If you're really daring, you can even take a trip through a haunted house!

Take a friend along the races for even more craziness if you'd like. But even crazier is the multiplayer mode, Beetle Battle.

  • Catch the beetles of all six colors and head for the exit!
  • Getting smashed loses you a beetle, so don't get taken out.
  • Use cool power-ups like rockets, shields, and even the ability to flip your opponents' cameras!
  • There are 9 arenas in all, six of which must be unlocked in the championship mode.

If all that doesn't make you excited to play this game, I don't know what will. If you want a chaotic, non-linear racer to play on your Nintendo 64, then this game will definitely satisfy.

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avanzo85 posted 23/11/2018, 05:56
Love this game. Still plug the old N64 and play from time to time.
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spurgeonryan posted 06/07/2011, 04:15
Just so you all know i gave this a ten because I still enjoy playing it, and it was that good!
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spurgeonryan posted 24/02/2010, 06:01
Why! I remember it was number 22 in sales its first month in EGM magazine, but that was the last time I saw it on the charts. It was so Good it deserved much much more! oh well
Message | Report
spurgeonryan posted 10/06/2009, 03:59
So did it at least sell a million copies?
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oliist posted 08/01/2009, 08:53
You are welcome.
And I just added the upcoming Virtual Console version of BAR!
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HALOOOOOOOO posted 02/12/2008, 12:39
Thank you for whoever added my summary of this game. I'm glad you found the release dates for Japan & Others too. Whoever it was.
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