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08/23/05 Capcom
11/03/05 Capcom
09/30/05 Capcom

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Beatdown: Fists of Vengeance - Summary

Framed for murder by the powerful Zanetti family, five underworld enforcers are forced to confront rival gangs, a corrupt police force, and the Zanetti family themselves in order to exact their brutal revenge.

Take to the mean streets of Las Sombras and engage in brutal, no-holds-barred street combat. In the urban jungle, you are either a predator or you are the prey. How strong are you?


  • Deadly assassins: Play as Raven, Aaron, Gina, Jason, or Lola. Each one was a trusted Zanetti hit man until they were betrayed by the ruthless crime syndicate. All characters feature unique abilities and fighting moves.
  • Improve your skills: Build up your character as you earn experience points. Distribute them between Stamina, Attack, and Technique to forge the ultimate brawling machine.
    Unique negotiating system: Pummel your foes into submission, and then extract information, money, or allegiance from them. Watch your back, as former enemies may turn on you at any time.
  • Gang warfare: Create a ruthless gang by choosing from up to 100 characters best suited for the job. Start with nothing, and test your fighting skills and leadership qualities as you assemble your thugs.
  • Hide and seek: Sometimes it is better to hide and live another day than to die facedown in a gutter. Disguise yourself to avoid those who want to hunt you down.
  • Multiple outcomes: Each mission has multiple paths, culminating in one of several ending sequences. How will your story end?
  • Multiplayer brawls: Select from VS. Battles and Team Battles. Bring out your best team to battle against your friends to determine who controls the streets.
  • Upgrade your firepower: Find, steal, or buy assorted weapons to dispatch foes easily.

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