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SBK08 Superbike World Championship





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PS2, PS3, X360

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03/17/09 Conspiracy Entertainment
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08/01/08 Black Bean Games

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SBK Superbike World Championship - Summary



SBK 08 is the official videogame of the Superbike World Championship and it will allow the player to enter the fantastic SBK championship. The game is, in fact, fully licensed and simulates every aspect of this world.

“SBK-08 is a highly customizable realistic experience”.

As a matter of fact, realism is still SBK-08’s distinguishing trademark, where realism is about replicating the real Superbike experience. It grants you all the sense of speed, danger and glamour of the Superbike races.
The player has the possibility to choose from the 2008 official riders, teams and tracks, but also to improve the performances of his bike, managing and tuning a lot of aspects like top speed, gear ratios, suspension stiffness, and set of tires for single race.

“SBK-08 is fun and accessible for everybody”.

SBK-08 features a deep simulation mode that aims to capture the attention of “bike enthusiasts” who perfectly know every aspect of tweaking a bike. At the same time the revised full arcade mode gives the player the opportunity to understand the complexities of bike riding by introducing complexity in layers. The arcade mode of SBK-08 will fit their needs giving them a 100% enjoyable and fulfilling experience, void of any frustration

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1 n/a 464 n/a 82 546
2 n/a 263 n/a 45 308
3 n/a 204 n/a 36 240
4 n/a 167 n/a 29 196
5 n/a 134 n/a 24 158
6 n/a 113 n/a 19 132
7 n/a 99 n/a 17 116
8 n/a 89 n/a 16 105
9 n/a 85 n/a 15 100
10 n/a 72 n/a 13 85

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