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Bakushow: Challenge Your Friends!

Archime DS





Release Dates

05/30/08 Agetec
07/19/07 Skip Ltd.
09/12/08 Rising Star

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Find your funniest friends to play. If the game is boring, you are boring! LOL is the ultimate party game that allows players’ imaginations to run free. Since LOL has no rules, there’s nothing to limit a player’s creativity. The game’s concept is simple; the host thinks up a challenge for the other players and then everyone battles it out by drawing, picking, or writing the best answer. When everyone has finished and submitted their answers, voting begins. The one with the most votes wins! Remember, if the game is boring, then you are boring! Warning: No single player mode, Wireless DS Single-Card Download Play only. Up to 4 people can play with one LOL Game Card. Only available for purchase online at for the price of $19.99.


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1 n/a n/a 27 4 31
2 n/a n/a 35 10 45
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9 n/a n/a 80 20 100
10 n/a n/a 89 24 113

Opinion (5)

fory77 posted 12/11/2014, 05:13
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ArkZero posted 31/12/2009, 09:34
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Simulacrum posted 07/01/2009, 02:20
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Untouch posted 25/12/2008, 01:20
I think this game deserves the warm attention of JOSH
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Yuri Lowell posted 01/09/2008, 09:40
It exists. It's a real game. But who the hell names a game "LOL"?

There's WTF: Work Time Fun and soon there will be "LMAO" and "OMG", maybe even "KTHXBAI"
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