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ZenfoldorVGI posted 06/03/2008, 11:25
The series is quality stuff, I promise you won't be dissapointed. It still stacks up against great 1 hour dramas like NYPD Blue, Star Trek: TNG, Dexter, 24, and Sopranos, as some must watch stuff, imo. Really delved deep and competently into the mythos brought on by the first movie(you should buy that first if you've never seen it).

I highly suggest:

Highlander 1
Highlander 3
Highlander: Endgame
Highlander: The Series
Highlander: The Search for Vengance

These movies are all great, the worst movie is 3.

Note: DO NOT watch Highlander 2. Every real highland fan discounts the second movie as not happening, and a near ruination of the series, and I'm NOT painting in broad strokes. On every highlander fanpage the first thing you'll see is the second movie not existing, and mentioning it being bannable. Also, skip the newest movie, Highlander: The Source, which IS a ruination of the series.

Now, let me ask you, do you like Anime? Do you like Ninja Scroll or Vampire Hunter D?

Well, if you answer yes, then Highlander: The Search for Vengance is one of the BEST anime movies you'll ever see. It's by the creator of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Ninja Scroll, and Cyber City Oado. Kawajiri is the most famous director in Anime and his work shines through here and this movie is one of the coolest futuristic animes I've ever seen. 4/4 stars.
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Blaiyan posted 02/03/2008, 09:31
I use to watch what I guess is re-runs of the show at night as a kid. I don't remember much. Just something about getting your head cut off and some sword fighting. In the middle of writing this comment I checked amazon for the dvd's. I think i'll start buying the series. I'll start with season 2 since it looks like it's the only one unavailable straight from amazon. I really rather buy it in order but whatever.
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ZenfoldorVGI posted 02/03/2008, 02:54
There can be only one!

I am a highlander fanboy, if you can believe that, lol. I plan on purchasing this.

I just wish it was Duncan.

One reason the game might suck, is, everyone knows that after 2000 years, immortals lose their accents, and they become like a mixture of all different ones. No way this dude kept his Scottish accent for 2000 years, that's the first sign of no intelligence, and not following the mythos of the series or original and third film, plus engame.

The real travesty, however, is Highlander: The Source which is the worst, most godaweful ruination of the series ever divulged. Thoughts?
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Blaiyan posted 02/03/2008, 10:58
added g, ba, rd, t and s
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