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Argos no Senshi: Muscle Impact

アルゴスの戦士 マッスルインパクト





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01/28/09 Tecmo
12/11/08 Tecmo
07/03/09 Rising Star

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Grab your “Diskarmor” and swing into action on the Wii as the legendary warrior, Rygar! Immerse yourself in Greco-Roman mythology as you journey through the sundered Island of Argus. Intuitive use of the Wii Remote allows you to deftly and effectively control the use of the powerful Diskarmor to destroy enemies and maneuver on, around, over, and under obstacles to save Princess Harmonia!

  • Innovative Play Mechanics: The legendary Diskarmor shield can be used for attack, defense, or transportation all with the use of the Wii Remote
  • Not the Same Rygar: Conquer new enemies, techniques, and game modes in this Wii remake of the PlayStation 2 classic
  • Gladiator Mode: Play the new Gladiator Mode specially equipped for the versatile swinging movement of the Wii Remote
  • Action Packed Adventure: This action-adventure title spans various unique zones and requires vanquishing the enemy and light puzzle solving
  • Intense Combo Attacks: Multiple Diskarmor weapons are available to be found and upgraded with elemental power-ups such as fire, ice, and lightning. Engage the enemy with over 30 different devastating combo attacks
  • Riveting Story: A story set in the Greco-Roman era surrounding a noble warrior attempting to save his Princess, bring the Island of Argus back to peace, and annihilate the Titans using only his wits, fabled Diskarmor, and captivating looks and charm

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1 n/a 4,671 n/a 824 5,495
2 n/a 1,658 n/a 293 1,951
3 n/a 938 n/a 166 1,104
4 n/a 709 n/a 125 834
5 n/a 617 n/a 109 726
6 n/a 541 n/a 95 636
7 n/a 477 n/a 84 561
8 n/a 409 n/a 72 481
9 n/a 379 n/a 67 446
10 n/a 351 n/a 62 413

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swii26 posted 05/01/2012, 05:05
atleast they could have added motion controls or made use of the classic controller
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spurgeonryan posted 20/06/2009, 04:36
The price just went down in the sunday paper to 39.99 at some stores. Could a rise in sales be next?
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spurgeonryan posted 11/06/2009, 04:15
Just a port, shouldn't need too much for them to be happy. They already re-couped there money from the original
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drakesfortune posted 02/03/2009, 04:04
200k or 400k or 100k, doesn't matter, this game isn't getting anywhere near any of those numbers. Total bomb.
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Chrizum posted 18/02/2009, 11:35
Don't fool yourself, this game is bargage.
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naruto3336 posted 08/02/2009, 04:22
If this is a port than 100k is enough to make profit but if it is an original then 400k is profit. I see a lot of advertising done so IDK! Good graphics, a lot of modes, long storyline and Gladiator mode to please a lot! ESPECIALLY @ 39.99!
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