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Ubisoft Paris



Release Dates

03/23/10 Ubisoft
05/27/10 Ubisoft
03/26/10 Ubisoft

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Owners: 270
Favorite: 15
Tracked: 12
Wishlist: 63
Now Playing: 20

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Critic Reviews

1up Read Review C+ 24th Mar 2010
CheatCodeCentral Read Review 3.8 out of 5 02nd Apr 2010
Edge Print Magazine 7 out of 10 09th Apr 2010
Eurogamer Read Review 7 out of 10 24th Mar 2010
Game Informer Read Review 8 out of 10 25th Mar 2010
GameDaily Read Review 8 out of 10 02nd Apr 2010
Gamepro Read Review 3.5 out of 5 23rd Mar 2010
Games Master UK Print Magazine 87 out of 100 02nd Apr 2010
Gamespot Read Review 7.5 out of 10 24th Mar 2010
Gametrailers Read Review 8.6 out of 10 23rd Mar 2010
IGN Read Review 8.6 out of 10 23rd Mar 2010
VideoGamer Read Review 8 out of 10 24th Mar 2010

User Reviews

Review rating: 50.0%
of 2 votes

Good game

28th Mar 2010 | 1,614 views 

Alright first of all if you dont have this game and own a wii you should be slapped. But yeah for everyone who owns a copy knows how great this game is deffintly a game to buy.

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Review rating: 0.0%
of 0 votes

A Solid addition to the Wii line-up

31st Mar 2010 | 1,626 views 

This game will satisfy many Wii owners and offers a good reason for hardcore gamers to give the Wii a chance.

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Review rating: 0.0%
of 0 votes

sweet addicting fun game

01st Apr 2010 | 1,618 views 

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Review rating: 0.0%
of 0 votes

Mr. Fister Reviews Red Steel 2

21st May 2010 | 1,625 views 

Red Steel 2 features some great sword-fighting, but it leaves quite a bit to be desired.

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Shipping Total

270,000 Units
As of: August 2010

Opinion (334)

seinsmeld posted 29/03/2015, 03:56
this game was amazing. used wii motion plus like no other. should have sold so much more. this and goldeneye were the best shooters on wii
Message | Report
ZyroXZ2 posted 25/01/2014, 05:46
This game should have been a 1+ million seller, I played through this game when it first came out, and it sometimes brought me to a sweat trying to pull off the combos! So. Worth it. ^_^
Message | Report
supernihilist posted 23/01/2014, 05:45
great game.seriously underrated gem
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pokeclaudel posted 08/12/2012, 08:05
Hope the make a sequel for wii U. They should make it a tradition and change the setting again. Maybe futuristic or maybe even a world similar to dishonored.
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DieAppleDie posted 23/10/2012, 03:44
fantastic energetic action one of my fav new games
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curl-6 posted 14/03/2012, 04:26
Well, it ended up passing Ubisoft's 500k lifetime forecast...
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