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10/20/17 Nintendo
09/28/17 Nintendo
10/20/17 Nintendo

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1 41,367 n/a n/a 41,367
2 8,290 n/a n/a 8,290
3 3,989 n/a n/a 3,989
4 1,867 49,691 26,729 12,456 90,743
5 1,842 20,145 16,022 5,361 43,370
6 1,398 12,149 8,138 3,141 24,826
7 1,127 7,183 5,008 1,869 15,187
8 1,160 7,340 4,417 1,868 14,785
9 1,273 11,432 9,566 3,070 25,341
10 1,408 5,579 8,281 1,716 16,984
Kakadu18 posted 17/08/2022, 02:11
This game sold remarkably well given the context. Only two mainline Fire Emblem games before it had topped the million mark and at the time neither had reached 3mil sold copies. 1mil for this game was a great achievement.
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ThisIsRusko posted 16/04/2018, 03:59
wow this flopped so hard °o°
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Shiken posted 25/01/2018, 06:38
I also agree with those saying the game should have been pushed back.

I have Skyrim, Mario Rabbids, and Resident Evil Revalations 1/2 in my backlog. Just started Fire Emblem Warriors and there are other ports I passed on due to being just too much at once, there was plenty of buffer to push this back. Also releasing it right before Mario followed by the massive Xenoblade 2, it just did not have a chance outside of its niche.

It may also get a second wind when we get details on the next mainline Fire Emblem though.
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Shiken posted 25/01/2018, 06:33
Hmmmm, hopefull this will have legs. It is one of the best warriors games I have ever played, and I am even new to Fire Emblem. Even so, I feel Fire Emblem's roots may have help deepen the gameplay with the whole weapon triangle and support feature. Hopefully it will at least sell well enough to get a sequel.

Kind of a slow quarter coming up for those not interested in WiiU ports, maybe it will kind of get a second wind?
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friendlyfamine posted 02/01/2018, 07:17
This will hit 1 million units. It will sell better next year and w/ price drops. It's a good game butchered by pre-negative impressions. Unfortunately it couldn't be an exception like Mario and Rabbids was, although Rabbids did have originality going for it.

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