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06/03/08 LucasArts
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06/06/08 Activision

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LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures - Summary

When Steven Spielberg made Raiders of the Lost Ark, he must have known the iconic character he was introducing to the world; Indiana Jones. Over the course of a hit trilogy, he gave us a character so cherished, so loved and and so well-played by Harrison Ford that the films have been bumped up to legendary status.

Based on the original trilogy, Lego Indiana Jones follows the tried and tested formula of the Lego Star Wars games, putting players into miniature versions of the famous characters from the series (Indy, Marion and many more) and letting them run riot in expansive and beautifully crafted levels based on key locations from the films.

Using your characters special abilities (such as Indy's famous whip) you have to guide your characters through the levels, picking up the mountain of collectable items and 'studs' (currency in the Lego games) and unlocking characters and extras to access even more areas. Over thw 18 levels (plus bonus levels) you will have so much fun, especially if you love Lego (and of course the movies).

Action on a tiny epic scale!

Submitted by colonelstubbs

Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 34,717 37,155 18,512 90,384
2 n/a 16,730 22,797 10,551 50,078
3 n/a 13,620 17,180 8,131 38,931
4 n/a 12,218 10,840 5,769 28,827
5 n/a 10,203 8,238 4,547 22,988
6 n/a 8,814 6,550 3,738 19,102
7 n/a 7,666 5,551 3,203 16,420
8 n/a 6,543 4,906 2,790 14,239
9 n/a 5,054 4,413 2,363 11,830
10 n/a 3,600 3,932 1,946 9,478

Opinion (8)

Kerotan posted 11/03/2015, 07:50
230th million seller!
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DeadOnArrival06 posted 12/08/2008, 07:02
Well when it comes down to it in the end besides the Developer and Publisher of this game, the Victory goes to Sony. Still supporting all three systems when it comes to multiplatform games, they sell the most copies compared to MS and Nintendo. PS2, PS3, & PSP sales combined are great! Hopefully Devs will notice this and start to make games Exclusive to the PS family.
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highwaystar101 posted 16/06/2008, 01:29
how do only 5 people own this game for PS3?
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MontanaHatchet posted 11/06/2008, 08:19
I did not think the game would have this kind of sales in America, even outselling GTA4. I'm amazed.
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darthdevidem01 posted 11/06/2008, 12:14
nice sales....should have legs
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konnichiwaa posted 10/06/2008, 12:42
^^'' Oh I am not the only one who likes the Lego games...

Well I got this for DS and I am surprised how good it looks :).

The only thing that I don't like about is the theme....I am not a fan of Indiana Jones so it is not so easy to get into this game;.
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