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KID Corporation



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03/04/99 KID
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As Pepsiman, the player runs, skateboards, rolls, and stumbles through various areas, avoiding dangers and collecting cans of Pepsi all while trying to reach a thirsty person as in the commercials.

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PullusPardus posted 20/05/2009, 06:38
dun dunn dunndna
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kevinay posted 09/03/2008, 06:41
what seems to be a blatant advertising game turns out to be the most fun game I have played on the PlayStation One days...
man, I love this game!
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weezy posted 16/01/2008, 10:04
what is this?

the worst game ever made??
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GooseGaws posted 16/01/2008, 08:30
Fixed obvious custom box art. This game rocks!
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mikey posted 16/01/2008, 12:12
This was the first game I got along with Castlevania:SOTN, Silent Hill, Resident Evil 2, and X-men vs Street Fighter for Playstation back in 1999. My aunt bought all this for me as a gift when we were in South America. Ah, the memories...
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