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08/11/09 Graffiti
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03/27/09 Graffiti

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C.O.R.E is the first classic FPS game designed for intend DS console. Its story concentrates on the meteor crash and its unpredictable influence. As one of the elite marine soldiers, you have been sent with your squad on a secret mission into the laboratory complex built on the meteor crash site. You will explore various locations, starting from exterior parts of the complex, through underground laboratories, living quarters, warehouses to finally reach the secret beneath the base. Your aim: discover mysteries about the meteor by solving following quests. You will become aware of the danger, threatening the existence of entire humankind, which has been buried underground for twenty years.


  • Complete 14 huge, shocking levels, discover different ways through - they are not linear, so there are always a few routes to complete them
  • Reveal the mysterious story of the meteor crash guarded by 20 different enemies ranging from insane marines and mad scientist to big deadly mutar
  • Choose among 8 types of guns, such as: blaster, shotgun, plasmagun, or rocket launcher. Some of them will have alternative fire option or optical zoom, also entire arsenal of weapons and power ups are available.
  • Enjoy interactive world of our design: use of vehicles and operate interactive tools like switches, controllers, access cards, open the boxes, and blow up objects.
  • Get into dark, murky atmosphere intensified by heavy music and advanced graphic solutions.
  • Enjoy the game with 3 other people
  • Have access to the player’s statistics for the best competition elements
  • Enjoy three different types of multiplayer modes
    • Death match
    • Team area
    • Capture the flag



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1 n/a 708 n/a 125 833
2 n/a 351 n/a 62 413
3 n/a 246 n/a 43 289
4 n/a 331 n/a 58 389
5 n/a 543 n/a 96 639
6 n/a 753 n/a 133 886
7 n/a 843 n/a 149 992
8 n/a 868 n/a 153 1,021
9 n/a 1,046 n/a 185 1,231
10 n/a 1,384 n/a 244 1,628

Opinion (6)

zzyoshiman posted 20/08/2009, 02:23
it did came out
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pettdog posted 14/08/2009, 10:26
So, what exactly is the status on this game? is it out yet? I've called my gamestop two days in a row and they've never heard of it... Beginning to wonder if this 08/11 release date was false... :(
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zzyoshiman posted 11/08/2009, 08:04
just came out 3 hours ago
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scottie posted 15/03/2009, 08:10
@ commando - it'll do great, it's already got 800 sales and hasn't even been released yet
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jefforange89 posted 13/03/2009, 08:12
Never even heard of this before.

Maybe I'll check it out.
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Commando posted 20/02/2009, 03:16
I wonder how well this will do.
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