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03/03/03 Microsoft Game Studios
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04/11/03 Microsoft Game Studios

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"Freelancer" is an epic space adventure that combines a deep storyline; the action of 3-D space-combat; the exploration of a dynamic, living universe; and trading in a rich galactic economy where the player's decisions drive the action.

  • Open-ended universe - Gamers can select to play random missions or follow the storyline. The universe is open for exploration, and the game advances based on decisions players make.
  • Dynamic reputation - The players' reputations constantly evolve as they choose their missions, make allies or enemies and succeed or fail.
  • Distinctive styles of play - Players can choose to act like bounty hunters, traders, pirates or explorers for different gameplay experiences.
  • Trading - Commodity trading turns the gears of the universe. Mining planets churn out valuable minerals while agriculture planets cultivate grain. Players must find the best trade routes and profit.
  • Compelling storyline - More than two hours of in-game cinematics plunge players into the mysteries of a vast planetary system. Character interaction will emotionally involve players in an intriguing and compelling storyline, giving them a sense of purpose.
  • Vibrant, rich universe - Political intrigue permeates almost every aspect of the game. Players' decisions affect the dynamic relationships of other characters and ultimately alter the gameplay experience.
  • "Simple" combat interface - The intricacies of space-combat can be mastered via a simple and intuitive mouse-driven interface.
  • Multiplayer - Players may set up their own persistent world servers or play with gamers across the globe through

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Opinion (3)

JazzB1987 posted 28/04/2011, 09:21
I want a sequel and no i dont want it for consoles! PC all the way
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Spankey posted 07/10/2008, 02:06
great game, needed an expansion though, it was a bit short
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okr posted 24/02/2008, 04:42
Ah, the long-awaited successor to my beloved Wing Commander: Privateer. I waited so long for this game, in the end my PC was hopelessly outdated when it came out. Never bought it, never played it, sigh...
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