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10/14/08 Sega
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10/17/08 Sega

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Golden Axe: Beast Rider - Summary

One of SEGA's most popular franchises storms onto the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system. As the unstoppable Tyris Flare, players will engage in vicious melee combat both on foot and atop massive mythical beasts, savaging enemies with blades and magic on a quest for vengeance. This highly-anticipated re-imagination is guaranteed to leave the fans reeling with incredible graphics and never-before-seen character skills and abilities.

Key Features:

  • Beast-Riding and Savage Combat: Cut down your enemies while riding an array of deadly beasts - each with their own unique set of abilities.

  • Brutal Melee Combat System: Master Tyris' parry & evade fighting mechanic to unleash barbaric killing moves and dismembering attacks against Death Adder's minions.

  • Spells & Magic: Harness the awesome power of Tyris' fire-based magical attacks to gain an advantage in battle.

  • Battle Arena Mode: Test your 'old school arcade skills' and bash through a bloody gauntlet of several successive battle arenas in an attempt to obtain glory along and unlockable secret items.

  • Harsh & Desolate Landscapes: Explore and survive a huge and ravaged world once ruled by Titans.

  • Classic Golden Axe Legacy: As the young warrior, Tyris Flare, players will encounter familiar friends and foes, as well as pesky gnomes, in a magical world of beasts.


Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 10,604 7,129 4,247 21,980
2 n/a 4,523 5,578 2,657 12,758
3 n/a 2,615 5,740 2,374 10,729
4 n/a 1,788 3,971 1,640 7,399
5 n/a 1,346 3,691 1,468 6,505
6 n/a 1,351 5,311 2,008 8,670
7 n/a 1,932 7,441 2,821 12,194
8 n/a 1,533 6,858 2,557 10,948
9 n/a 2,117 9,678 3,600 15,395
10 n/a 2,531 8,425 3,255 14,211

Opinion (8)

Ratix240sx posted 21/07/2009, 12:20
This game is pretty solid. I actually like it alot more than the originals.......even Revenge of Death Adder....
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disolitude posted 20/11/2008, 05:24
Golden Axe did have a 2D fighter like Street fighter. It was called GA: the Duel. It sucked...
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pbroy posted 23/10/2008, 03:24
Someone has to own this game. Don't be scared that you'll be made fun of if you add it to your collection haha... Check out my impressions..
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Aj_habfan posted 21/09/2008, 09:55
It's not a lot like Lair, because the dragons don't fly (Or at least they didn't), they just shoot out flames and such.
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Aj_habfan posted 03/09/2008, 01:10
No, Golden Axe was never a fighter like Mortal Kombat - It was a lot like this game is looking, except it was 2D and side scrolling.
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Simulacrum posted 29/08/2008, 09:17
Hmm what is this game...Lair?!?!?
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