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03/03/08 2K Sports
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Major League Baseball 2K8 - Summary

Major League Baseball® 2K8 returns to the diamond with the most complete MLB® experience available on every major video game console. Revolutionizing your control of the 5 tools in baseball are brand new pitching, fielding and baserunning controls and completely overhauled batting interface. Featuring a totally unique trading card mode, robust Minor League™ system, all-new Signature Style™ animations for 2008, and more, Major League Baseball® 2K8 brings a new level of fun to the virtual baseball world.


  • Swing Stick 2.0 - Unparalleled ball-to-bat contact, unlimited variety of hit types and more realistic at bats with deeper Inside Edge™ integration.


  • More Signature Style™ - New and improved player walk-ups, batting stances, waggles, home run celebrations, step-ins and step-outs bring each player to life in true, 2K Sports fashion.


  • Total Pitch Control - A revolutionary right analog stick pitching system where right stick motions and timing determine pitch type, speed and accuracy.


  • Precision Throw Control - Unlimited throw types and trajectories using real-world physics and Inside Edge™ data bring realism and variety to every defensive play on the field.


  • All-New Baserunning - Intuitive and simplified baserunning controls featuring overhauled AI now play a key role in offensive strategy.


  • Full Minor Leagues - 90 Minor League teams available in both Franchise and Exhibition modes and over 20 authentic Minor League Stadiums.


  • Best Booth in the Business - 2K Sports proudly brings back the duo Jon Miller and Hall of Famer Joe Morgan to the broadcast booth, delivering the deepest commentary available.


Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 13,935 n/a 2,459 16,394
2 n/a 9,044 n/a 1,596 10,640
3 n/a 6,557 n/a 1,157 7,714
4 n/a 3,772 n/a 666 4,438
5 n/a 3,147 n/a 555 3,702
6 n/a 2,443 n/a 431 2,874
7 n/a 2,427 n/a 428 2,855
8 n/a 1,730 n/a 305 2,035
9 n/a 1,971 n/a 348 2,319
10 n/a 1,176 n/a 208 1,384

Opinion (6)

Nickelbackro posted 16/11/2009, 03:00
I still can't perform a pitchout during the training portion of this game.
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arsenal009 posted 29/09/2008, 07:05
Wii owners got a gimped version, i'm happy this didn't do well. They better give us the complete package next season.
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avigeant83 posted 06/08/2008, 06:27
The hitting was too easy but the pitching was neat...too easy though
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Monteblanco posted 11/06/2008, 03:23
Seems undertracked.
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uppertone posted 29/03/2008, 04:38
Wow, such low sales for the only baseball game this season for a console with 10 million users?
it's really really terrible.
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Leni posted 29/03/2008, 10:20
not a bright future for this game...... :(
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