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X360, PC

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03/04/08 Rockstar Games
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03/07/08 Rockstar Games

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Presentation - 8.5
Gameplay - 9.5
Value - 10
Grand Theft Auto on Wii in a school!

This is the closest thing to GTA on the Wii and I think that it is really well made. This game has everything that makes up a good game. Amazing voice acting, which is cheesy but makes you laugh at the same time, Interesting storyline and sweet graphics that make this port one of the only ones that feel like a game that is not a port.

You are Jimmy Hopkins and you are a bully. Well sort of. You are actually a guy trying to save all the nerds from the bullies. But it is so fun trying to slingshot people trying to throw stuff at a nerd doing a speech or just randomly hitting a guy on the street.

The missions are amazingly diversed and all are well thought. This game has 8 new missions from the PS2 version along with 4 new classes, 4 new characters, Multiplayer mode, and many more rewards. RockStar has made a port with so much effort it seems almost flawless. The only reason why I gave it a 9.5 and not a 10 is because I think that the classes that you have interfere in your life and you can not do anything about skipping the classes and not worrying about anyone can catch you.

This game is certainly one of the very few games that you want. Best of all is that this game is only rated T so people that can not get M rated games can get it. So what are you waiting for? GO BUY IT!

Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 16,976 8,191 4,329 29,496
2 n/a 10,389 13,264 3,992 27,645
3 n/a 8,128 15,600 3,974 27,702
4 n/a 4,984 12,830 2,969 20,783
5 n/a 4,294 11,189 2,579 18,062
6 n/a 3,386 10,167 2,253 15,806
7 n/a 3,143 8,465 1,933 13,541
8 n/a 1,870 7,196 1,501 10,567
9 n/a 2,002 6,192 1,361 9,555
10 n/a 1,184 5,420 1,091 7,695

Opinion (52)

johnsobas posted 23/12/2013, 03:27
hmmm didn't like this game that much. I guess i'm not that big of a fan of GTA either. Price is holding up decently well though. I picked it up cheap and a little underwhelmed but for $7 not bad.
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Venox2008 posted 02/01/2011, 01:09
it's a very good game and Wii port is a good one too :)
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coonana posted 08/11/2009, 08:50
This game was very inexspensive to make. This could possibly have made a profit. I know a new Bully game would be so cool.
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marcianito posted 07/11/2009, 11:54
is this game good??
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famousringo posted 20/09/2009, 09:09
Wow, I can't believe this thing limped along to 400k. I guess not all retailers were hiding the game in the back due to its "scary content."
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Skorpion posted 23/07/2009, 09:21
Easily one of the best games on Wii for those who never played it on PS2. The depth, comedy, and fun of this game really surprised me. It shouldn't have though knowing Rockstar, although GTAIV did let me down.
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