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Rhino Studios



Release Dates

10/06/09 Natsume
08/28/08 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Afrika - Summary

Explore the wildlife of Africa in this revolutionary game! Africa's animals and plants are all rendered in stunning photorealistic detail. As a photographer, you'll use licensed, real-world photography equipment to complete assignments and capture everything from bathing hippos to a cheetah on the hunt. Explore the land, find new animals, and earn a name for yourself as a professional photographer!

• Over 70 animals to find and more than 100 missions to complete!

• Animals behave and interact with each other just like their real-world counterparts!

• Explore environments ranging from grassland to marsh to forest.

• Innovative photo grading system teaches you the skills of a professional photographer!


Sales History

Total Sales
1 35,193 n/a n/a 35,193
2 14,032 n/a n/a 14,032
3 7,226 n/a n/a 7,226
4 4,228 n/a n/a 4,228
5 3,077 n/a n/a 3,077
6 2,168 n/a n/a 2,168
7 1,611 n/a n/a 1,611
8 1,352 n/a n/a 1,352
9 1,132 n/a n/a 1,132
10 969 n/a n/a 969

Opinion (32)

droganmaster posted 08/01/2010, 08:38
I regreted to get the game..........

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Boutros posted 09/12/2009, 03:01
Very good sales for the reviews it got.
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dobby985 posted 04/12/2009, 10:19
why didn't SCE publish this game in the US?
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Rawnchie14 posted 25/11/2009, 10:07
This game would have benefited by not sucking.
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Bagaren85 posted 06/11/2009, 06:44
I might import thisQ!
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spurgeonryan posted 23/10/2009, 05:06
I guess this shows how much the Natal and the PS3's new motion plus might fail when they come out. THese two systems are for adults almost exclusively and the Wii is for old people and kids and most females and nin fans and anyone who doesn't care abotu graphics (Love me some Wii sports tennis) hey drakes haven't seen you since the boy and his blob comment
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