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06/23/16 Nippon Ichi Software
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Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk - Summary

This is the story of a faraway world, where faint traces of magic still linger. A world called Tanis. The mysterious town of Refrain resides there.Deep beneath that isolated and forsaken town lies an unexplored underground labyrinth. Nobody knows who built it, or when it was built.

Some say it holds treasures that could control the world, treasures that could make one immortal, and a slumbering demon king whose awakening could end the world. But no one knows for certain. What is known is that the labyrinth is filled with cursed miasma, a substance that brings death to any human it touches.

One day, a witch arrived at Refrain with the intention of exploring this labyrinth. Her name was Dusk Witch Dronya. She had in her possession a legendary book, said to have been written by the only man to explore the labyrinth and survive. The Tractatus de Monstrum...


  • Conquer the Labyrinth - As the Tractatus de Monstrum, a legendary book owned by the witch Dronya, you are tasked with exploring the labyrinth of Refrain on her behalf. Since you are just a mere book, you must rely on the many puppet soldiers that you can bring into the labyrinth to fight for you. Each puppet soldier is handcrafted by Luca and has different battle skills.
  • Look Out for Monsters Roaming the 3D Halls - The labyrinth itself is a 3D dungeon that the player will explore from a first-person perspective. On the map, enemies are represented by symbols. Coming into contact with these symbols will trigger a battle.
  • Covens: The Soul of Your Witch Brigade - In Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk, players will explore the labyrinth while commanding characters arranged in groups called covens. A single coven can contain multiple puppet soldiers. Each soldier's power and skills affect the performance of the coven as a whole. Battles consist of multiple covens attacking and defending themselves from enemies.

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Kresnik posted 08/09/2016, 08:07
So, where are the first 4 weeks?
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