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America - Front

America - Back

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Alternative Names

Super Mario Stadium Miracle Baseball

スーパーマリオスタジアム ミラクルベースボール


Namco / NOW Production



Release Dates

08/29/05 Nintendo
07/21/05 Nintendo
11/11/05 Nintendo

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Mario Superstar Baseball - Summary

The Superstars of the Mushroom Kingdom have gathered on the diamond to power up America's game! Pick a captain, fill your team with your favorite characters from the Mario universe, than hit the field. Each captain has a special Star Skill for pitching and batting, so whether you're hurling fireballs as Mario or blasting curving banana-ball dingers as DK, you've never played ball like this!

Play up to 3 pals in mini games like Bob-omb Derby and Barrel Batter or hit the Toy Field for a frantic game of pitch and hit!

From the barrel-blasting outfield of Donkey Kong Jungle to the Pirannha Plant-infested grass of Yoshi Park, this is the Baseball at its craziest!

In Challenge mode,wonder the kingdom using power ups to clear baseball missions. Do well and coax other players to join you in the showdown with Bowser!

Source: *back of the box*

Shipping Total

1,050,000 Units
As of: December 2014

Opinion (6)

RCTjunkie posted 05/04/2009, 09:45
This was so much fun on the Cube! The Wii one is exacly like this but better, so I unfortounately can't recommend it to Wii owners.
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MANUELF posted 26/03/2008, 02:12
with the japanese sales this is a million seller, Why are separate?
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PsyGol posted 27/12/2007, 04:45
Excelente juego para jugar con un amigo. 8/10
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ugg1020 posted 08/12/2007, 03:03
I love this game! Why do most people dislike it so?
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fazz posted 10/08/2007, 02:11
I didn't knew this game existed.
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MontanaHatchet posted 09/08/2007, 05:14
Added release dates, box art, screenshots, developer, and I altered the rating from abysmal to awful.
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