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10/21/02 Nintendo
11/08/02 Nintendo
11/29/02 Nintendo

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Multi-player pandemonium hits NINTENDO GAMECUBE with Mario Party 4, which includes 50 all-new mini-games and multiple fully rendered 3-D game boards. Nintendo's favorite bunch of characters is back; Koopa, Toad and the others have prepared many maps inside the Party Cube. By rolling the virtual dice and advancing through mini-game trickery, you'll play for the hidden stars.


  • Choose favorite Nintendo video game characters and compete in a series of contests to win the birthday present.
  • Take advantage of the Mini-Giant system - players can use items on the boards to grow larger or smaller in order to access different areas of the game boards and trigger special events.
  • Bump, whack and bang away in the newly introduced Tag Battle, which lets players pair up in two-man teams and compete at collecting stars.
  • Set a handicap that allows players of all ages and abilities to compete against each other.

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As of: December 2014

Opinion (10)

Zeruda-Hime posted 21/01/2019, 01:38
My first Mario Party
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CrisYoshi posted 28/01/2018, 09:16
Love Koopa's Seaside Soirée board!
Message | Report
IxisNaugus posted 08/07/2009, 02:30
A good MP. I liked this one but not as much as some others.
Message | Report
trestres posted 13/08/2008, 04:30
Best GC MP
Message | Report
AnarchyWest posted 12/08/2008, 12:37
This was the best and last good MP game...even know i didn't own a GC i enjoyed playing this one...just as good as 1 2 & 3...the series went downhill after this one
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 18/06/2008, 08:30
I stopped playing the Mario Party games after 3, and that was probably a good idea.
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