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Silent Hill Zero


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11/06/07 Konami
12/06/07 Konami
11/16/07 Konami

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Silent Hill: Origins - Summary

If you’ve ever wondered just how the town of Silent Hill became the eerie mess that has been seen over four previous Silent Hill games, then this title will reveal all, set as a prequel to the sinister events that have been before.

This latest title retains the creepy and poignant atmosphere that has become a byword for Silent Hill and will keep players engrossed from start to finish with the well crafted storyline, the range of enemies and puzzles to solve as well as the haunting soundtrack composed by the legendary composer Akira Yamaoka, responsible for the musical score on all of the other titles.

The game follows Travis Grady, a truck driver who has become stranded in Silent Hill. Naturally, he has a few of his own demons to contend with and throughout the course of the game, both his and the town’s secrets come to the fore. The gameplay is still classic Silent Hill – but with tweaks and additions created specifically for this newest incarnation.


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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 15,487 n/a 2,733 18,220
2 n/a 11,937 6,873 5,808 24,618
3 n/a 10,788 9,247 6,883 26,918
4 n/a 7,179 8,860 6,038 22,077
5 20,956 7,613 6,385 5,178 40,132
6 6,540 7,840 4,996 4,309 23,685
7 3,763 8,753 6,597 5,339 24,452
8 2,556 4,842 4,126 3,222 14,746
9 2,398 2,521 2,057 1,638 8,614
10 1,162 1,728 909 840 4,639

Opinion (5)

Aj_habfan posted 25/11/2009, 12:33
There we go.
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Aj_habfan posted 22/03/2009, 03:36
Undertracked a bit, NPD has this at 154k in USA only at January.
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terry_tibbs posted 17/12/2008, 08:03
if only climax developed sh hc cos double helix completely fucked the game up. if they are developing the next installment i will NOT buy it. climax did a good job on origins it was a bit short but it felt like a silent hill game. Fuck double helix!!!!
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ecurbj posted 14/06/2008, 10:43
This game was awesome, but short. The story was what I needed to get a better understanding of how Silent Hill began and such. It took me about a month to beat the game, finally last night I beat it at 1:00 in the

The graphics were awesome and I would recommend this game to any horror fan out their.

It's a short game if you are a Silent Hill veteran. My cousin (DMeisterJ), it's about 5 to 7 hours long. It took me awhile because I had other games to

But for me this game gets a 8/10 and I look forward to buying and playing the future games that were released and is about to be released in the series soon :)
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hunter_alien posted 18/04/2008, 07:19
150k from Japan and the US ... wonder how well it did in the Others region ...
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