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Hudson Soft



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02/08/99 Nintendo
12/18/98 Nintendo
03/09/99 Nintendo

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Owners: 248
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Wishlist: 4
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Mario Party - Cheats

Total cheats available: 10

Walkthrough / Guides / Tips

Date Title User
11th Jan 2011 Various Cheats and Hints ioi
28th Mar 2011 Stop Right There! ioi
28th Mar 2011 Bumper Ball Maze 3 ioi
28th Mar 2011 Earn Bumper Ball Maze 1 ioi
28th Mar 2011 Eternal Star Board ioi
28th Mar 2011 Magma Mountain Board ioi
28th Mar 2011 No Boo and Koopa ioi
28th Mar 2011 Get mini-games for cheaper ioi
28th Mar 2011 How to get all the coins at the end of the game. ioi


Date Title User
04th Mar 2011 Unlock GameBalls (0) ioi

Shipping Total

2,700,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2003

Opinion (14)

Mordred11 posted 10/09/2011, 09:34
great game,had lots of fun with it
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dizzydee_011 posted 22/10/2010, 07:34
Haha yeah I got a lot of blisters too.
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syphon4020 posted 13/08/2009, 07:03
@volrath50 Same thing happened to me. I just skinned my palm but it still burned like a mother....good times.
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volrath50 posted 13/06/2009, 01:15
My best friend of the time seriously, seriously screwed up his hand on the rotating mini-games. His palm was all blistered up and calloused and stuff. It looked painful, although he really only had himself to blame...
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j0ak0 posted 05/06/2009, 03:23
This game is awesome


hahhaha yeah :D
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joyeuse posted 02/01/2009, 09:01
Grab Bag ftw
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