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メダル オブ オナー ヒーローズ 2


Team Fusion



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11/13/07 Electronic Arts
02/14/07 Electronic Arts
02/08/08 Electronic Arts

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World War II is in your hands

It's June 6th, 1944, and the war is far from over. Step into the boots of OSS Operative John Berg and infiltrate Normandy from behind enemy lines to undermine the Nazi regime. As a special agent of the Office of Strategic Services, you must use tactics of combat, infiltration, assassination, reconnaissance and sabotage to carry out the covert operations that will help defeat the Nazi war machine once and for all.

  • Pick up and Play Action - All-new Arcade Mode built specifically for Nintendo Wii allows gamers of all skill levels to pick up the Wii Zapper and Wii-mote and jump into the action. Let the Wii move you around while you focus on the most fun part - shooting and gesturing.

  • First ever 32-player Multiplayer on Wii - Jump into the epic 32-person multiplayer action at any time, in three different multiplayer modes across six maps.

  • Take the War Into Your Hands - The WWII experience is more immersive than ever with controls built for the Nintendo Wii that allow you to carry out your top secret OSS objectives. Fire a bazooka, pump a shotgun, blast away with artillery and mortar, throw grenades and fire an arsenal of weapons with the power of the Wii. Maneuver across minefields, find and tune enemy radios to receive intel, and set demolition charges using unique Wii gestures.

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1 n/a 28,237 n/a 4,983 33,220
2 n/a 24,961 n/a 4,405 29,366
3 n/a 12,907 n/a 2,278 15,185
4 n/a 12,531 n/a 2,211 14,742
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6 n/a 14,752 n/a 2,603 17,355
7 n/a 9,103 n/a 1,606 10,709
8 n/a 5,363 n/a 946 6,309
9 n/a 3,705 n/a 654 4,359
10 n/a 3,174 n/a 560 3,734

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oniyide posted 04/02/2011, 01:31
im sorry but 500,000 copies for a series that is used to doing at least 2 mil on a console with the highest install base is not that great
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bezi84 posted 19/12/2010, 11:37
yes, 32 player online
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spurgeonryan posted 27/11/2010, 04:58
Interesting I dont think I ever saw this game! THese are not bad sales!Was there online?
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ash3336 posted 15/02/2010, 05:01
I am pretty sure with Others it should be no more than 600k. 1 million is out of reach as these types of games perform drastically better in America. This game WAS amazing in 2007, maybe even most of 2008. But the next MOH (hopefully it comes to the Wii) has a lot to live up to looking at MW Reflex.
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homer posted 17/01/2010, 06:20
decent game
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primogen18 posted 09/11/2009, 05:05
I hope they shove in others sales sometime, id like to see them, but i am glad this is still selling a little. I still enjoy it!
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