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X360, PS3, PS2, DS

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10/15/07 Activision
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11/02/07 Activision

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Every skater has a different story. Create yours.

In Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground, you have the freedom to create yours. Experience a Tony Hawk game that lets you create and share your own lifestyle, where the choices you make impact how your character develops and the story unfolds.

Key Features:

Freedom to Play Your Way – With unprecedented control of their skating experience, players shape how their characters evolve. Mix and match any combination of skill sets from the different skater classes whether that be from a contest-winning career skater, a fast and furious hardcore skater, or an innovative skatepark creating rigger.

Full-Featured Video Editor* – Capture all of your sickest tricks and bails with this new video editor using a full-suite of editing tools, lens modes, camera angles and effects to cut and combine clips, add a personal soundtrack and even showcase online to share with others or move up the leaderboard rankings.

Greater Variety of Customization* – Players have the ability to use the Rig-a-Kit and Environment Altering mechanics to transform any locale into their own personal skate park. They can even personalize their Skate Lounge with items such as furniture, plasma TV’s and more.

Expanded Gameplay Mechanics Deliver Unprecedented Control** – Eight all new gameplay mechanics empower players to play the way they want: Bowl Carving, Aggro Push, Skate Checking, Climbing/Exploration.


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1 n/a 7,163 n/a 1,263 8,426
2 n/a 4,834 n/a 853 5,687
3 n/a 3,574 n/a 631 4,205
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6 n/a 7,732 n/a 1,364 9,096
7 n/a 5,900 n/a 1,041 6,941
8 n/a 6,699 n/a 1,182 7,881
9 n/a 7,853 n/a 1,386 9,239
10 n/a 10,798 n/a 1,906 12,704

Opinion (2)

avigeant83 posted 06/08/2008, 06:31
Ahh..got this last year as a bday gift, played it once..
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thanny posted 24/01/2008, 11:07
haha i won this game in a competition... worthy of going straight to ebay :)
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