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Kirby: Power Paintbrush

Touch! Kirby



HAL Laboratory



Release Dates

06/13/05 Nintendo
03/24/05 Nintendo
11/25/05 Nintendo

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Kirby: Canvas Curse delivers classic Kirby action with a fun twist. Using the stylus to control Kirby's movements is surprisingly intuitive, and the new control scheme provides many unique gameplay challenges. The rainbow paths you draw guide Kirby through the game, but they also can protect Kirby from falling icicles, lasers, cannon blasts and other hazards. In addition to drawing paths, the stylus can also be used to stun enemies, destroy barriers, detonate bombs and much more.

Each of the game's seven levels is divided into three stages, and each stage holds three hidden medals. Some are easy to find, while others are either well-hidden or heavily protected. You can also earn medals by completing other tasks in the game. You don't need to find these medals to complete the game, but the medals you recover can be traded in to unlock special features like new ink colors for the paths you draw with the stylus.

Finding all of the medals in the game will be a tough task even for experienced gamers, and a collection of unlockable minigames adds even more replay value to Kirby: Canvas Curse.




  • Stun enemies, break blocks, and much more -- all with a touch of the stylus
  • Tap Kirby to dash into enemies and copy their abilities. Turn into Wheel Kirby, Burning Kirby, Stone Kirby, and many more. There are 11 Copy Abilities in all!
  • Try timed challenges, take on bosses in unique battles, or play simple but addictive minigames.

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Skullwaker posted 11/01/2015, 12:57
@aiden.cronus 7 years later, you have your sequel. Nintendo did not let you down.
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Skullwaker posted 11/01/2015, 12:55
Didn't this game like save the DS or something? I know critics hated the dual/touch screen at first but then this game showed that it could actually be useful
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Goodnightmoon posted 05/01/2015, 01:23
Canvas Curse and Epic Yarn = Best Kirby games of the century, canĀ“t wait for rainbow curse ^^
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ExplodingBlock posted 28/12/2014, 05:48
Even without Europe, this game couldn't have passed 1m because Europe fucking hates Kirby. Shame one of the best Kirby games I ever played
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mysticwolf posted 01/06/2011, 03:10
this game is awesome!
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mysticwolf posted 01/06/2011, 03:07
this game ROCKS!!!! so origional, but shame it wasn't very popular...
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