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10/16/02 Eidos Interactive
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11/01/02 Eidos Interactive

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How to beat too hot to handle levals and get platinum

On the first leval with the monkeys run into the building[if spawnd outside] goto the stiars leeding upward and goto the plateform outside with cloak make sure you have a shotgun or another wepon you can kill qhickly with goto the ledge behind cloak turn around and wait intill a flaming monkey comes dont shoot it it will make it harder cus if theres more then 1 and you have to bail the monkey you shot culd be somewhere in the building then just jump off grab the speed power up and repeet the cycle the monkeys will follow you instead of dubling back keep doing this intill 3 mins and you will unlock crispin

for the nightclub one get a tommy gun and goto the area with stairs leeding down into a doorway[in story mode its the stairs where big tonny appears] goto the area back there with a dead end with 2 doors leeding into glass booths turn your back to the yellowish thing and wait for the infected to come then blast away be carful if one spawns in the glass booths if this happens your basicly screwd if you dont have tommy gunx2 even then its hard just keep fighting while grabbing ammo they drop and youl be set

on the final leval in the hospital go upstairs to the area with the beds then goto the hallway with a fork in it go left then go in the doorway on the right you suld be in a room with a sotgun on a ledge back up to the ledge [be carful not to fall] and wait when the infected come just do the same thing with the monkey leval dont shoot them and walk back off the ledge then run back up yet another demonstration of the comps stupitity hope this helps

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PhilTheGamer posted 20/03/2010, 03:42
Absoulty loved TimeSplitters 2.Best FPS on Gamecube along with Metroid Prime.
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CaptainDJ posted 28/05/2009, 12:43
Amazing Game! Love the Editor!
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sethnintendo posted 02/01/2009, 02:39
This game was pretty tight. Has tons of modes. Love the zombie killing. Most my friends enjoyed playing either co-op or death match with me.
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johnlucas posted 27/07/2008, 02:31
Had to get this one due to it being made by the team once from Rare who made Perfect Dark & Goldeneye 007. And it was worth it too. Not to mention funny. The FPS genre needs more of this type of game.
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fursomewarrior posted 16/04/2008, 09:47
This was another one of those multi platform games, but I loved my Gamecube. =^-^= Many complained about the aiming, but....in real life, it isnt so easy to shoot a gun in real life. This gave it a more realistic approach. =^-^=
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bigjon posted 29/01/2008, 02:01
I have spent so many hours on this game... this game saved me from have to buy an Xbox just for Halo : )
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