3D Dot Game Heroes for PlayStation 3

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3D ドットゲームヒーローズ


Silicon Studio



Release Dates

05/11/10 Atlus
11/05/09 From Software
05/14/10 SouthPeak Interactive

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Trophies List


Slice and Diced!
Objective: Defeated a foe with a sword.

Objective: Defeated a foe with a bow.

Objective: Defeated a foe with a bomb.

Getting the Hang of It?
Objective: Played the game for five hours.

Objective: Guarded an attack.

A Formidable Foe Has Fallen!
Objective: Defeated a Guardian.

It's Magic!
Objective: Used a Shader Magic.

Life is Precious!
Objective: Maxed out the LIFE bar.

Master Magician!
Objective: Maxed out the MAGIC bar.

Booked a Monster!
Objective: Booked a monster in the Bestiary.

Forged a Sword!
Objective: Made your sword stronger at the blacksmith.

You Made a Friend!
Objective: Made a character model.

Souvenir Photoshoot!
Objective: Took a snapshot.


Around the World!
Objective: Visited all maps.


Bestiary Complete!
Objective: Booked all monsters in the Bestiary.


All Swords Obtained!
Objective: Acquired all the swords.

Objective: Congratulations! Thank you for playing this far!

Secret Trophies

Bested Eelagon!
Objective: Defeated Eelagon without taking damage.

Bested Queen Bee!
Objective: Defeated Queen Bee without taking damage.

Bested Giga Golem!
Objective: Defeated Giga Golem without taking damage.

Bested Kraken!
Objective: Defeated Kraken without taking damage.

Bested Dragon!
Objective: Defeated Dragon without taking damage.

Booked Eelagon!
Objective: Booked Eelagon in the Bestiary.

Booked Queen Bee!
Objective: Booked Queen Bee in the Bestiary.

Booked Giga Golem!
Objective: Booked Giga Golem in the Bestiary.

Booked Kraken!
Objective: Booked Kraken in the Bestiary.

Booked Dragon!
Objective: Booked Dragon in the Bestiary.

Obtained the Ancient Sword!
Objective: Acquired the Ancient Sword.

Obtained the Holy Sword!
Objective: Acquired the Holy Sword.

King Block's Seal of Approval!
Objective: Acquired a sword from King Block.

Triple 7s!
Objective: Collected 777G.

Wow! You obtained the Hero Sword!
Objective: Acquired the Hero Sword.

Secret Trophy
Objective: Continue to play to unlock this secret trophy.

Secret Trophy
Objective: Continue to play to unlock this secret trophy.

Secret Trophy
Objective: Continue to play to unlock this secret trophy.

Secret Trophy
Objective: Continue to play to unlock this secret trophy.

Secret Trophy
Objective: Continue to play to unlock this secret trophy.

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Total Sales
1 11,419 n/a n/a 11,419
2 3,755 n/a n/a 3,755
3 2,485 n/a n/a 2,485
4 1,819 n/a n/a 1,819
5 1,394 n/a n/a 1,394
6 1,260 n/a n/a 1,260
7 1,216 n/a n/a 1,216
8 1,021 n/a n/a 1,021
9 1,012 n/a n/a 1,012
10 423 n/a n/a 423

Opinion (102)

zzamaro posted 07/12/2014, 05:58
Even I want a sequel =)
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C64 posted 20/02/2013, 10:36
I also want a sequel :)
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Euphoria14 posted 30/03/2012, 05:52
Okay... where is 3DDGH2? :)
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Ganbare_Goemon posted 23/01/2012, 12:07
I feel this game kind of wasted a great idea. It's nice and fun to play and I'm actually addicted to it. But you can't avoid the Zelda comparisons. Dungeon design is pretty uninspired on this one.
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Boutros posted 31/08/2011, 05:52
This is still selling around 1,000 per week. It should reach 400k by the end of the year. Pretty amazing.
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Euphoria14 posted 30/04/2011, 08:40
~$13 on Amazon right now.
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