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ニュースーパーマリオブラザーズ Wii


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11/15/09 Nintendo
12/03/09 Nintendo
11/20/09 Nintendo

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First I will teach you about the triple jump. A triple jump is where you can access higher areas to find hidden things.(ex.Star Coins) 3!!!

.Firstly , start sprinting. 2
.Secondly , when sprinting , jump thrice (Jump,Jump,Jump.) 1
.Then you will jump a bit like this : ---------------------
And that is it. Have fun trying!

Now , the Luigi Guide Trick. This is an easier way to complete levels.

If you fail aound eight times on a level , a "!" block will appear at the start of the level that you struggled with.

Hit it and decide "YES" and it will go onto the guide. When Luigi is near the end of the level , pause and it will say "Stop the super guide and start playing." Yet again select "YES" then you will play as Luigi .v When the level finishes it will say something like "

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As of: March 31st, 2019

Opinion (1002)

fedfed posted 29/08/2017, 01:15
very under tracked!
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Shadow1980 posted 09/02/2017, 03:57
Undertracked. Nintendo has it at 29.9 million.
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goldmario79 posted 10/12/2016, 01:38
They talked to Super Mario creator who said back when this was created they "rolled back" the complexity of Mario Games to allow more people to understand and pick them up instantly/play them. Instead they created a side-scrolling masterpiece that sold so far 28 million copies. Of course that was going to happen.
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fedfed posted 19/09/2016, 11:00
this has sold almost as the NEWSMBU this year!
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fedfed posted 19/09/2016, 11:00
this has sold almost as the NEWSMBU this year!
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S.Peelman posted 30/10/2015, 01:08
Nintendo says 29.51m as of september 30.

Where one game's overtracked, this one quite heavily undertracked. Remember, can't have digital sales.
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