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09/30/97 Acclaim Entertainment
05/29/98 Acclaim Entertainment
12/09/97 Acclaim Entertainment

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Extreme-G is set in the distant future where Earth is a mere wasteland. From their new found planet the human colonists watch with joy as their remote controlled power-bikes wreak havoc through their ancient cities. There is only one winner, the first to cross the line… or the last to survive.

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spurgeonryan posted 15/01/2011, 05:24
Good rental! Although I think I bought it used for a while
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shizzlee posted 01/01/2010, 05:15
One of the best racing games on the N64. I still have this XD
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nordlead posted 17/11/2009, 03:03
I actually got good enough at this to avoid smashing into any walls on a race track. Great game.
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ioi posted 22/07/2009, 09:47
I used to love this game, massively underrated
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Sledge posted 23/02/2009, 07:09
the beginning of a beautiful, underrated franchise
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stof posted 14/01/2008, 12:50
Damn this game was fast. It did speed right. It had great weapons too. But the battle mode was a total throw away. This was my top N64 racer after Mario Kart.
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