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03/30/12 Unknown
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02/03/12 DTP Entertainment

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Anno Domini 1514: The golden epoch of the Renaissance, a time of discoveries and inventions, but also the brutal age of the Spanish Inquisition.

Two quite different brothers, Feodor and Ramon run a workshop in Barcelona which is very much ahead of its time. The genius Feodor puts all his efforts into building a flying machine, while his brother Ramon dreams of Egypt and mysterious art treasures. The advanced ideas and exotic fantasies weaved by the pair arouses the suspicions of the Inquistion.


Quite suddenly their small world is turned upside down as Ramon is taken away by the Inquistion, all on account of some ancient artefact. Firmly committed to rescue his brother from his inevitable torture, Feodor is plunged into the adventure of his life:
His journey takes him through Spain, across the Mediterranean to distant Africa – and unbeknown to him, Feodor is now on a quest which will take him right back to the very roots of his origins: The legendary desert city of ZERZURA, in which an ancient terror guards over powerful secrets.

  • Solve unique combination puzzles in the fascinating world of the Middle Ages
  • Breath-taking settings await you, in Spain, on the isle of Malta and in the African desert
  • Soak up the history and feed your imagination in this richly twisting story

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