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08/17/11 Ubisoft
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08/17/11 Ubisoft

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Live ‘A modern god game where nature is the star’

A shaman leading a tribe
On a sister planet, in an extreme version of earth
Where time erodes everything under the eyes of the player
And the power to master nature is the only way to survive
Measure the full range of your acts.

From Dust people’s destiny is in your hands

GROUND-BREAKING TECHNOLOGY – Behold the beauty of a primitive world, pulsing with life through the breath of a nature expressing its forces at its fullest.

A WORLD YOU CAN SHAPE, A NATURE YOU MUST CONTROL – Beware the danger of a world constantly and dynamically changing under your command.

A PROGRESSIVE PUZZLER – Start off with simple challenges of manipulating the earth, move on to timed challenges where disaster is on the horizon, and eventually progress to highly difficult challenges that will test your mind and nerves.

A TRIBE YOU SHALL GUIDE – Control the destiny of a tribe struggling to survive and recover his ancestors lost knowledge and powers.

A LEGENDARY DESIGNER – Original concept and creative direction by Eric Chahi, visionary creator of Out of this World / Another World



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zuvuyeay posted 09/09/2011, 10:45
is it a strategy type game
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SvennoJ posted 18/08/2011, 04:33
I hoped the controls would be better on pc, but it's a poor mapping from the 360 controller. Why on earth won't it let you move the pointer out of a tiny rectangle in the middle of the screen. Click and drag, that's how you use a mouse, sigh. Looks beautiful anyway, except too much distance blur.
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