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05/26/09 Codemasters
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05/22/09 Codemasters

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Changing the landscape of shooters forever with a revolutionary blend of movement and combat in all three dimensions, Damnation is a non-stop test of reflexes, decision-making and action. Taking the shooter vertical, Damnation features massive streaming landscapes that set the stage for post-industrial battles between humanity and an unstoppable corporation in the wastelands known as Damnation. With the freedom to go anywhere and kill anyone to reach a goal, players create their own routes using vehicles, acrobatics and climbing to get around the huge maps.

In Damnation, players take control of Captain Hamilton Rourke, a member of the guerrilla resistance force known as the Peacekeepers. A veteran of the Great War, Rourke has his own personal agenda in avenging the death of his fiancé.


  • Huge Scale
    With vast, streaming environments, Damnation’s levels are truly organic 3D spaces that cover miles of horizontal distance and thousands of vertical feet. Players choose from multiple paths and tactics in gigantic landscapes that unfold in all three dimensions. Using exhilarating combinations of swift, flowing movement and combat, players will be faced with frenetic all-action attacks that can come from any direction.
  • Player Choice and Freedom
    It could take up to three hours in real-time travel to get from one end to the other and another three hours to climb to the top. But with acrobatics and vehicles, players are able to get their own routes, as they look at the massive map ahead, above and below them.
  • “Spirit Vision”
    Players can activate the hero’s “Spirit Vision” power to see through walls and anticipate the enemy’s movements.
  • Daredevil Stunts
    Players perform stunning moves at the limits of human ability to jump between ledges, swing on ropes and chains, and traverse vertical surfaces. Zip, slide, vault, shinny, swing and jump through the environment with intelligent AI attacking from all sides, above and below.
  • Multiplayer
    Play through the entire singleplayer campaign in co-op or take it to the next level online with multiplayer. Experience action and tactics in vertical environments with fully enabled “Spirit Vision.”

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Opinion (6)

PlaystaionGamer posted 01/09/2009, 12:48
this has got alot of hate, is it actually good? worth picking up cheap? or is it so bad its unplayable
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Fenristh posted 09/06/2009, 02:53
This is my most hated game on the PS3. I can't believe this many people bought it.
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Dioxinis posted 21/05/2009, 05:50
third person shooters has become a crowded genre in recent times but i think this game has a chance to shine if the controls are good.
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metalgearmatt posted 07/02/2009, 02:46
Looks good, but there are far better games coming out in the same time frame...
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kunaixhaku posted 06/12/2008, 02:28
ps3 qore episode 7 has a nice developer walkthrough looks good
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Blaiyan posted 23/08/2008, 02:38
Watching the dev walkthrough I think I may like it.
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