God of War III for PlayStation 3

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ゴッド・オブ・ウォー III


SCEA Santa Monica Studio



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03/16/10 Sony Computer Entertainment
03/25/10 Sony Computer Entertainment
03/19/10 Sony Computer Entertainment

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down-down-down-down- posted 24/01/2010, 10:10
i agree with --OkeyDokey--.
damn i can't wait for this game =D!
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restored_lost posted 24/01/2010, 04:02
yea people will be suprised by the numbers on this game,bout 3 months ago i had this game pegged for a 3million ltd game, but the hype from customers in my store is unreal makes you wonder how many 1&2 were really pirated on ps2. expect 5-6 million ltd
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ps3-sales! posted 22/01/2010, 07:37
What tbone said.
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haxxiy posted 21/01/2010, 10:28
It will break 5m lifetime. Just wait and see.
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--OkeyDokey-- posted 19/01/2010, 01:19
First week

America - 800k
Others - 420k
Japan - 35k

1.25 million worldwide!
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NicholasCage posted 15/01/2010, 03:18
Damit someone put boxart already :|
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Tbone posted 15/01/2010, 03:08
Yeah this boxart is much better.
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Heavenly_King posted 04/12/2009, 04:50
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SaviorX posted 16/11/2009, 12:53
Gamestop says preorders ship April 1st the latest. There's your release date!
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Munkeh111 posted 27/10/2009, 01:19
The new box art does certainly look better than the last placeholder we had
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MetalGearSolid_4ever posted 27/10/2009, 09:45
new boxart sucks.

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Tbone posted 22/09/2009, 12:00
One of the biggest reason why u should own a Ps3.
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TyePhoid_PAL posted 06/09/2009, 08:03
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PlaystaionGamer posted 01/09/2009, 12:37
cant wait!!!!!!!
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TGolem posted 31/08/2009, 07:35
Boxart is cool as hell for what is likely going to be one of the best games ever.
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vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx posted 23/08/2009, 10:58
i hope that isnt the final boxart, it blows.
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ElectronicRocker posted 30/06/2009, 08:26
this will be an even bigger systemseller than mgs4 in america
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Kantor posted 07/06/2009, 08:07
Lol. This game will destroy MGS4.
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jmcraddock posted 29/05/2009, 04:17

How could this be the best game ever? Maybe second but not first... MGS4 already is first
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Tbone posted 26/05/2009, 10:08
I simply can't wait for this game it will be EPIC.
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Sephiroth357 posted 12/05/2009, 05:45
Best game this gen confirmed.
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urameshixr posted 05/05/2009, 01:04
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DiplomaticImmunity posted 20/04/2009, 11:51
boxart rapes
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dddddddddd123 posted 17/04/2009, 06:20
theres a survey on things you would like to see in the god of war 3 collecters edition which is on the playstation blog.
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AdventWolf posted 17/04/2009, 01:11
Definite buy!
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Slimebeast posted 12/04/2009, 12:29
I predict 88% on Gamerankings, 1 million copies first week and 3.3 million lifetime.

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kersed3 posted 06/04/2009, 02:06
for the description, under publisher it says unkown. It's Sony Computer Entertainment, they've even said. Its not like Activision is going to do this one, and Sony do the rest
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saimcheeda posted 31/03/2009, 01:12
5-6 million sales
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Papazx posted 15/03/2009, 11:26
Im just adding this to my game collection its already sold to me this game is mine first day it comes out
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Trent posted 22/02/2009, 09:04
I hope this game gets good sales

because i loved god of war 1 and 2
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mjc2021 posted 18/02/2009, 04:38
Well God of War 1 and 2 didn't have incredible sales considering how many PS2s are out there and they were major releases. Even God of War on the PSP only cleared 1.5 million and that's one of the best games on the PSP.

With that said... I'm not expecting impressive numbers but maybe PS3 owners are hungry for a game like this.
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halogamer1989 posted 14/02/2009, 03:09
A staple IP for SCE and a shot in the arm for the PS3.
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Dgc1808 posted 13/02/2009, 08:08
Should post some very nice sales.
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NicholasCage posted 11/02/2009, 04:45
Hopefully this will sell well in Japan?

I can already see at least 4million in sales... by the very least.
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chris1_16 posted 07/01/2009, 10:50
I sit back in my chair as I wait for the release of this gameXD

kind of nervous about the sales though
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RED53DEVILS posted 18/12/2008, 11:02
3-5m guaranteed sales
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Finnbar posted 04/12/2008, 03:28
New box art, cool beans.
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Tbone posted 24/10/2008, 07:44
This game will be epic, cant wait for it.
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DreadRaptor85 posted 26/08/2008, 09:47
How do 5 people own a game that isn't out yet?
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Blaiyan posted 26/07/2008, 04:57
The teaser was pretty cool.
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Snake612 posted 10/07/2008, 10:17
Its hinted that their might be a trailer of god of war 3 at e3

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RockSmith372 posted 02/07/2008, 08:32
that's a pretty BA cover
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Munkeh111 posted 27/05/2008, 10:05
This will probably be shown at E3 in some form
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Finnbar posted 16/05/2008, 02:03
GOD OF WAR!! (faints)
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Squall_Leonhart posted 14/05/2008, 10:19
Can't wait for this game to get some footage shown! Just knowing that it is being made but having no idea what it will look like is terrible lol
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sc94597 posted 03/05/2008, 03:45
When am I going to see this game. I bet this will have the best console graphics this gen.
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MeowTheMouse posted 14/04/2008, 03:11
i think im starting to believe in time machines.. people already own the game..
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Munkeh111 posted 22/02/2008, 07:40
We can vote for it get it to a reasonable ranking, which has already been destroyed by PS3 haters
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Game Over! posted 24/01/2008, 07:37
Already 87 votes!
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playnext3 posted 21/01/2008, 03:17
cuz its gona be great.and it deserve much more rate
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ManOfTeal posted 15/01/2008, 05:06
How can you vote for a game that isn't even out yet?????
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Stats87 posted 14/01/2008, 05:10
55 votes? 7.8?

oy, sad times
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stof posted 11/01/2008, 06:52
This game now leads a list of 5 unreleased games that currently reside in the PS3's top 10 rated games...
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Damstr8 posted 10/01/2008, 11:49
omg omg omg omg.....i need this game to survive...2009 cant come soon enough
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tombi123 posted 09/01/2008, 09:03
The box art is good, but there is something missing.
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segajon posted 08/01/2008, 03:20
That box art is awesome. hopefully that is the real one
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Squall_Leonhart posted 08/01/2008, 01:37
I guess the Wii idiots can't keep themselves away from rating PS3 games that aren't even out yet with 1's... So pathetic :(
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leo-j posted 08/01/2008, 12:40
Ban kepto knight please
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KeptoKnight posted 22/12/2007, 12:28
What the hell is this pile of shit? ahahah
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Quartz posted 21/12/2007, 11:18
I got this game it's great!...

I also have a winning lottery ticket in my left pocket!

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Soriku posted 20/12/2007, 09:05
8.94? Attack of the fanboys.
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hongkongfuey^2 posted 20/12/2007, 01:16
lol i gave it a 10 too!
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Jessman posted 17/12/2007, 04:53
Fanboy barrage
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Lost tears of Kain posted 17/12/2007, 04:35
what the hell?

LOL already a 9.3 seems the fanboys are having their way with it /sigh
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xLordOblivionx posted 16/12/2007, 09:11
Wow. This game isn't supposed to come out until 2009 and people have already voted on it. I guess its all the hype.
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As of: May 30th, 2012

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thewastedyouth posted 24/12/2013, 04:50
look at the Japan sales, man what the heck do people play there
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TrevDaRev posted 04/10/2013, 12:31
Damn! This still hasn't been adjusted?
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legendarysaiyanbroly posted 16/08/2013, 02:44
@ frozone: the story isn't great but is sure better than average, the game itself is EXCELLENT (best hack n' slash of this generation), the graphics r unbelievably gorgeous (nothing else comes close), GOW3 is ridiculously undertracked, and u're very much full of it. >=)
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Frozone posted 04/08/2012, 03:02
The storys awful and the game is average.
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jayman1 posted 21/07/2012, 01:30
Just picked this up. GOW3 is killa,killa story with stellar graphics! GOW 3,uncharted, gran turismo and killzone have the best graphics for ps3 exclusives .Story is incredible like uncharted and resistance series.This game alone is just a work of art probably one of ps3's best games this gen.
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dsage01 posted 27/06/2012, 01:30
It is also undertracked in the USA for the first 3 weeks by over 200k. NPD has first 3 weeks at 1.1 million in the U.S.A. and VGC only has it at 900k. VGC sales are never accurate
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