Excitebots: Trick Racing for Wii

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04/20/09 Nintendo
08/30/11 Nintendo
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uno posted 18/04/2009, 10:03
just pre-ordered.

Cant wait.
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shizzlee posted 18/04/2009, 08:21
I never played the first one, but I must admit that this game does look interesting. How can I put it? As I look at gameplay for this game I think that it seems fun and enjoyable, but at the same time I'm thinking wtf is going on O.o

I might buy this (I have a weakness for arcade type racers)
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nordlead posted 11/04/2009, 02:24
$36 if you click the link above. Amazon likes to sell at ~$4 under new for some reason.
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SmokedHostage posted 09/04/2009, 04:33
Apparently this is $39.99 without the Wii Wheel and $49.99 with the Wii Wheel.

Which to get.. hmm.
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Zucas posted 29/03/2009, 04:57
After watching some vids I'm quite impressed. Just like Excite Truck but with seemingly better controls and an interesting twist on racing. I'll wait for reviews but it has caught my interest.
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kopstudent89 posted 22/03/2009, 12:10
seems like a rly good game! i'm actually considering it!

but why the hell is the wii gettin so many good games recently?! *checks wallet* :'(
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oliist posted 12/03/2009, 01:20
Another game on my way too fast growing list.
I must find a way to convert vg$ into €. :)
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Smeags posted 10/03/2009, 05:04
Everything is becoming clear to me now... especially now that we have actual information about the game.

Looks totally crazy, and I'm liking it.
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SmokedHostage posted 03/03/2009, 11:44

They're robotic animals and insects.
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Smeags posted 26/02/2009, 08:23
I get ExciteBike (biking) and ExciteTruck (trucks)...

What what exactly is an ExciteBot? O.o
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9 n/a 1,713 n/a 301 2,014
10 n/a 1,533 n/a 271 1,804

Opinion (110)

Kuksenkov posted 03/05/2015, 10:27
This game is SO MUCH FUN. Transforming racing before Sonic and company. Such ad a shame that it didn't sell very well, because this is probably the best racer on Wii.
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Gnac posted 09/05/2014, 04:08
Bloody thing wasn't even released properly in major territories. NA: retail release. Japan: Club Nintendo Exclusive. PAL regions: ALLEGEDLY NOT INTERESTED.
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farlaff posted 19/07/2013, 02:49
I skipped MK Wii forthis one and it was probably one of the best decisions I ever made gaming wise. C'mon, the community built around it is amazing and still pretty much active: http://www.thegamecommunity.com/forums/index.php
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Fededx posted 15/01/2012, 08:31
So much fun! And no one bought it :S Even though it was bundled with wii wheel...
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Venox2008 posted 08/04/2011, 11:37
one of the best racing games I've ever played! so much fun! :) ..and speed is like in Burnout! :)
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icedoesnthelp posted 07/02/2011, 06:34
According to gamestop.ca in the Wii section this is a best seller
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