Tales of Berseria

Global Total as of 03rd Dec 2016 (units): 0.23m
Platform: PlayStation 4Also on: PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows
Developer: Namco Bandai Games Genre: Role-Playing

Total Units

Japan: 0.23m 100.0%
+ Rest of the World: 0.00m 0.0%
= Global 0.23m

Release History

Tales of Berseria Namco Bandai GamesJapan18th August 2016Retail
Tales of Berseria Namco Bandai GamesNorth America24th January 2017Retail
Tales of Berseria Namco Bandai GamesEurope27th January 2017Retail

Game Overview

Tales of Berseria is a role-playing game developed by Bandai Namco Games and released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4.



Ryan64 (on 11 October 2016)
That's just your opinion which I
completely disagree with. Also look for
general impressions on Berseria and
you'll see that everyone who played it
says it's one of the best Tales games.
Nem (on 10 October 2016)
I hear that claim since Graces and they
have all been mediocre.
Ryan64 (on 23 September 2016)
Speak for yourself Ljink96. I still buy
and enjoy the games and Berseria is one
of the best in the series.
Ljink96 (on 17 September 2016)
Across both versions FW sales are good
enough to warrant more titles. The games
are cheap to make and people keep buying
them. It's a great place to be in as a
developer. You don't have to pull
millions to be successful, thus is the
story of the Tales series. They most
likely have a pipeline with the same
staff, same abilities, same music
composer (Sakuraba), and they just pump
these out with minimum input and maximum
Nem (on 16 September 2016)
What a weird thing to say. The series
has been in a 30% decline from title to
title. These aren't good numbers. The
DS games were touted as failures with
these kind of numbers.
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