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11/06/15 Activision
11/06/15 Activision
11/06/15 Activision

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1 143,303 1,115,289 1,682,481 658,746 3,599,819
2 44,218 466,277 640,058 264,892 1,415,445
3 19,476 219,900 346,816 132,389 718,581
4 13,782 348,226 411,531 186,791 960,330
5 11,243 276,634 319,681 147,186 754,744
6 9,069 304,836 246,387 144,614 704,906
7 5,969 401,750 297,675 186,101 891,495
8 6,522 444,464 350,931 209,475 1,011,392
9 11,145 123,164 193,496 74,025 401,830
10 7,818 44,336 77,265 27,911 157,330

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nexsus posted 06/10/2016, 11:32
I am forcing myself to finish the single player campaign,it's probably the worst cod SP i have played,i can't believe the numbers it has sold it does'nt deserve it and am not cod hating,i love bops1 and 2 and of course mw2 but they are unplayable because of hacked lobbies,who thinks modern warfare remastered will be possible to get separate?I don't want advanced warfare am not buying it.
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AbrahamHamdan posted 22/09/2016, 02:08
it's gonna outsell Black ops 2 next week :D
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Kerotan posted 21/09/2016, 02:51
14 million!! It's coming for its throne as best selling game of the generation!
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Ryng_Tolu posted 09/09/2016, 01:49

Well 22 million estimate is by end of March 2016, right now is obvius higher, so are PS4 versio sales :)

With GTA VI i'm not sure what think. I believe R* will release GTA VI just before the end of gen 8, and by starting gen 9, to be a launch title for PS5 / XB2 and for have the most higher installed base of PS4 / XBO, similar to what's happen with GTA V but this time withouth a year of difference for the next gen version, more like 2/3 months.

So i'm not sure how well PS4 version sales will be, should be very high cause at launch will be the platform with the biggest installed base, but PS5 version should hurt it's sales, and well of course the others platforms.
As for the total, GTA V should be something like 70 million, and with insane legs i can see it selling 100 million lifetime, i don't see GTA VI sells so much crazy, but will still be insane, maybe 50-70 million LT... then that's just what i think, who know.
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Mike_L posted 08/09/2016, 06:36

Oh, I didn't know PS4 version of BO3 might only be at 11 mill. Then you're probably right

Yeah, I forgot about GTA VI. If that ends up as the best selling SKU of the generation, that'd be the first time since GTA: SA on PS2 (20.81 mill) that a PS game ends up as the biggest selling game of a generation. Right?
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Ryng_Tolu posted 17/08/2016, 06:21

I don't use VGChartz numbers at all, WedBush estimated 22 million copies of Black Ops III sold by end of Mrach 2016 (this include retail and digital, not shipments though). I believe about half of that is on PS4, while the rest on XBO, PC, 360, PS3. (that's my estimate though, nothing official).
Legs of Black Ops III are really strong, most impressive legs for a CoD game i would say, but this is expecially thanks the PS4 bundle. We are in August, i can't see this bundle selling much more, by November Sony should have others bundle to sells, including Infinite Warfare.
My guess is that Black Ops III will end lifetime (let's say by 2020) with nearly 30 million, and half of that on PS4 (so about / almost 15 million). Maybe even over that, but actually Pokémon X/Y already has shipped (retail+digital) 15 million (14.98m to be fair), and this is by end of June 2016, so even before the Pokémon GO boost (which we all saw how strong it was). I think that at this point even 16 million is becomed a waaaaaaaay conservate prediction, i see 17 million more likely. While that's shipped, Nintendo games have legs so i don't see a big difference between sold and shipped, overall i still see X/Y outsell Black Ops III on PS4 easy.

That said, i don't even think Black Ops III and X/Y will be the best selling game on PS4/3DS, cause i think thare are no doubt GTA VI will outsell BO III by an abyssal margin, and even Sun/Moon will most likely beat X/Y.

Also Mike_L, i personally really liked BO III, my favourite CoD to be honest. X/Y was awesome but not at old Pokémon levels, ORAS was way better imo.
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