Gears of War

Global Total as of 28th Oct 2017 (units): 6.09m
Platform: Xbox 360Also on: Microsoft Windows
Developer: Epic Games Genre: Shooter

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nugget (on 27 October 2014)
Had to learn how to play it but, I agree, it was totally worth it!
drake_tolu (on 23 June 2014)
Fantastic game.
Good sales. :)
Dark_Lord_2008 (on 27 March 2013)
closing in on 6 million. launched over 6 years ago. An Epic game that kick started the legendary Gears of War franchise.
Deyon (on 26 January 2013)
The only reason i bought an Xbox, totally worth it!
thewastedyouth (on 27 December 2012)
lol Japan sales
tontus (on 27 October 2011)
Just to inform you people who are worrying about it being less than 6m, it's actually at 6.14m because of the Gears of War triple pack.
postofficebuddy (on 14 October 2011)
osamanobama (on 10 October 2011)
can you guys give a link to where they said it sold 6 million, is that including PC
postofficebuddy (on 28 September 2011)
@Vashkey Blezinsky said that both Gears 1 and 2 are at 6 million a few months ago. Including PC sales for Gears 1.
yo_john117 (on 24 September 2011)
Yeah it got adjusted down.
vashkey (on 29 August 2011)
Why was this adjusted down? It officially sold 6 million years ago.
slipknotfan (on 26 June 2011)
great game
Pirateogta (on 28 May 2011)
This used to be just over 6 million... why was it adjusted down, anyway?
Vekta (on 12 May 2011)
wow so the second one finally beat the first one in sales.
vashkey (on 06 May 2011)
@Mr Puggsly The sales for the Gears of War tripple pack very likely cut into this and it''s considered separate sales.
toastboy44562 (on 16 November 2010)
will play this and gears 2 again b4 gears 3 comes out
Salem (on 13 November 2010)
Had a great run though, and is still an incredible game
Mr Puggsly (on 09 April 2010)
Sales have really dropped. Less than 1K last week. You would figure a good number of new 360 owners would pick this up.
toastboy44562 (on 25 March 2010)
i agree with monty, however, i wish berserkers were in gears 2
MontanaHatchet (on 21 February 2010)
Wow...just got this. Gears of War 2 is superior in every way. The A.I. in the campaign is terrible, and the story is non-existent. It's still got the same old gameplay that I love, but it's not nearly as good as it's said to be. Khuutra's review is spot on.
zzyoshiman (on 15 February 2010)
it's $10 at gamestop
Boneitis (on 20 January 2010)
This should easily hit 7 million, possibly 8 down the road. The 360 still has a lot of life in it and this is a great buy for $20.
jpain333 (on 10 January 2010)
Campaign was sadly too short, but one of the best in an action game, great to see such sales....
zzyoshiman (on 05 January 2010)
at shadowfest3
Shadowfest3 (on 03 January 2010)
Does anyone still play multiplayer online for this? I just bought it to try it out.
tio_coyote (on 03 January 2010)
amazing, six million copies!!
hunter_alien (on 29 December 2009)
Wow... 6 million :-) Congrats ;-):-D
Intendo21 (on 28 December 2009)
I'm surprised that its still selling because it has been out so long.
zzyoshiman (on 28 December 2009)
6 million
donsterydo2 (on 05 November 2009)
It probably already hit the 6m mark on X360.
Boneitis (on 30 October 2009)
Just a matter of time before this hits 6 million.
Monges79 (on 16 October 2009)
Great game. Period. Others will try to copy this game for a long time. So far no one has come close.
angrypoolman (on 12 October 2009)
Hi again, Monty =]
MontanaHatchet (on 04 October 2009)
Gamer, even thought that maybe you're just really bad?
PlaystaionGamer (on 29 August 2009)
loved this game, il get it again when i get a new 360
Gamer2112 (on 18 August 2009)
Very over-rated! Controls are rough, first level was too difficult for a level 1 on casual. Too much repeating the same difficult battles. Can't see where you are going at all when running. On the plus side... Graphics are excellent, being able to revive team mates is cool. Doubt I'll be able to finish this game, but I'll give it a try.
Intendo21 (on 03 August 2009)
Gears of War is my favorite game of all-time.
PS3beats360 (on 11 June 2009)
VGC keeping good tracks of the sales of games. The official sources announcing sales numbers helps out with the accuracy of the sales numbers.
toastboy44562 (on 11 June 2009)
one of my favorites!
piggychan (on 04 June 2009)
yea I really didn't enjoy this game at first but came back to it after a few months and enjoyed it..
SuperSmashGuy (on 14 January 2009)
So I guess a lot of people didn't like the game at first but then started enjoying it later on.. Maybe that will happen to me if I give this game another try.
Picko (on 13 January 2009)
Started getting into co-op and have found the game gets far more enjoyable.

The other multi-player options don't seem so far however.
SuperSmashGuy (on 09 January 2009)
I bought this game a few days ago and after playing it for 20 minutes I really regret buying it.. It was just to dull and simple for me to enjoy.. But I guess I have no choice but to give it another try, I can't return since I bought it used.
FPSrules (on 26 December 2008)
at first i hated this game. then i gave it another try, started to like it. then played online with my cousin, then i really loved it
Squilliam (on 21 December 2008)
7 Mil + LTD? LULZ!
Solid_Raiden (on 13 December 2008)
Isn't this overtracked anyway?
Barozi (on 01 December 2008)
it's too good for you ;-)
axumblade (on 30 November 2008)
Why am I not allowed to add this game to my collection?!
Never Try (on 24 November 2008)
MGS is passable, gears is plenty good. in the end jap made games are souless!
Egghead (on 09 November 2008)
Hey didnt you get banned from Gamespot Ghost, oh well i never thought you were that bad.

Also, arent VGC overtracking this?
kunaixhaku (on 04 November 2008)
since we're on this topic what if mgs 4 was released during the holidays with the bundle and hype that came with
hunter_alien (on 29 October 2008)
Dont get overexcited... Gears was hyped to the heavens ( true, MGS4 was to) but we all know what holidays can do for a game ;)
mrstickball (on 23 October 2008)
thelalaby -

Regardless, though, Gears of War had a whopping 9 weeks over 100k, and 7 weeks over 250k.

MGS4 had 6 weeks over 100k, and only 2 weeks over 250k.

Even if it was Christmas/Holiday when Gears debuted, it still speaks volumes about how well the userbase on the X360 bought Gears. Especially considering the X360 had under 1/2 the userbase the PS3 did when MGS4 debuted.
thelalaby (on 22 October 2008)

That's because of the holiday boost, different circumstances
Jackson50 (on 21 October 2008)
Gears had higher sales in its seventh week than MGS 4 did in its third week...I think that says it all.
Kantor (on 21 October 2008)
Lol MGS4 has higher first week sales than this...
thetonestarr (on 19 October 2008)
Completely forgot this was 3rd-person when I bought it. Made for a lovely change-of-pace when I fired it up. =)
GLoRySoGLoRy (on 18 October 2008)
awesome game.
mexitalrish (on 08 October 2008)
easily the most fun i have had on the xbox. the third person perspective alone would make this my all time favorite shooter even without all the other awesome mechanics. i could care less about the story and dialogue even though i did like both. last i checked, this was a game, not a movie. nothing quite like sawing bodies and stomping heads
Zucas (on 06 October 2008)
Average game. Did a lot of things right but didn't do anything special. Its sequel though is shaping up very nicely.
SSSBOLIMAR (on 05 October 2008)
best game on the 360 period
toastboy44562 (on 20 September 2008)
this is a great game!
Simulacrum (on 10 September 2008)
This game sucks, at least at Pc.
I onjoyed fighting against Berserker,and atmosphere was good,but waepons are too soft,your butt will explode for camping..
s-grandi93 (on 10 September 2008)
unbelievable graphics for when it came out
Vaza (on 06 September 2008)
Gears of War isn't the free for all type of game, it wouldn't work well without teams of at least 2, cos the game is much slower paced than your typical free for all games such as COD4.
Skeeuk (on 03 September 2008)
does this game have a free for all?

because gears 2 doesnt.
challis (on 30 August 2008)
Great excitement and action! The details and texture are great. The story and acting could be better.
HanzoTheRazor (on 20 August 2008)
9/10 Great game but really shitty acting. It does remind me of WarHammer though.
toastboy44562 (on 15 August 2008)
@Picko at least the story and dialoge is not as bad as house of the dead 2 and 3.
Picko (on 04 August 2008)
@ MontanaHatchet:

I can't say I have. I unfortunately didn't even get a chance to play number 2 when it was on the DC.
MontanaHatchet (on 31 July 2008)
Picko: Have you played either House of the Dead 2 or 3, or both on the Wii? You would begin to appreciate even the worst of dialogue after playing those two...gems....
Picko (on 30 July 2008)
I enjoyed the gameplay on this but felt the story and characters were awful. I recall cringing when most of the characters talked as the dialogue was so incredibly superficial and often stupid.
Egghead (on 29 July 2008)
Epic said 4.5 mil back in Feb but VGC had it had 5.
Slavedemonxi (on 28 July 2008)
I personally didn't like the first one that much. Probably it just wasn't for me. The reason being i just felt the gameplay got boring pretty fast i think. I had hoped for a more in depth story too. This game was good though, and i think the first title to truly give gamers a next gen experience. It is beautiful and to most people very exciting. The highlight of the game for me were the berzerkers. I thought those really spiced it up a bit.
saberlam (on 19 July 2008)
Gears of war use the most high-technical game engine known as " Unreal Engine 3" while the top one is cryengine 2 for Crysis.

Gears of war come at the fall of 2006. It had unbelivable texture and smooth, real-time lightning and shadow effect.

Beside, this game shows a very interesting gameplay that is still the most innovative shooting game.
toastboy44562 (on 18 July 2008)
yes i just beat the berserker on hardcore
PS360ForTheWin (on 12 July 2008)
Gears Rules!
SS5656 (on 25 June 2008)
great game 10/10
Munkeh111 (on 25 June 2008)
Very good game, but I would call it the greatest game ever
toastboy44562 (on 11 June 2008)
I love this game play it every day
Gearbox (on 01 June 2008)
ALSO, i didnt like it. i dont c y every1 says 10/10 I found it dull!
Gearbox (on 01 June 2008)
"wareagle372 posted 01/06/2008, 08:26
could potentially sell 6m at the end of this generation."

thats 8 - 9 more years! I think it won' make it to 6 mill because Gears 2 is coming out soon.
wareagle372 (on 01 June 2008)
could potentially sell 6m at the end of this generation.
squall747 (on 13 May 2008)
My all time favorite shooter a 10/10 in my book. Gears of War 2 is gonna be even better, their gonna take this game up another notch. Great graphics and great game play is something this game does best. Gears of War 2 will be the best shooter of 2008.
notprogress (on 28 April 2008)
I have 2 copies of this game and i cant even add both... same for Call of duty 4. This is lame... by the way i got 2 xbox live account and 2 xbox 360
nathantay (on 15 April 2008)
good but not great.8/10
wareagle372 (on 11 April 2008)
this game just makes me more eagered for GEARS OF WAR 2!!!
p0lish_sausage (on 08 April 2008)
What happened to the graphs?
deathbeast (on 08 April 2008)
Campaign with co-op is great. Multiplayer is very shiny and has brutal kills, but very laggy and quite broken (it gets boring owning everyone with the shotgun and grenades...over and over and over...)

Get it for the singleplayer and co-op. Buy COD4 for the versus multiplayer.
sweetlamakid (on 07 April 2008)
my favorite game ever
Bagaren85 (on 03 April 2008)
Top 3, this gen, so far.

Love this shit, 10/10 !!
Damstr8 (on 03 April 2008)
eh i didnt like this game too much....single player is too short, online isnt that fun(imo), the game as a whole just wasnt that appealing to me....however the graphics were great.....overall 7/10
Jessman (on 29 March 2008)
@ NintendoTogepi

Yes, its over-rated...

Comming from a person with Nintendo in his name?

sinheart (on 03 March 2008)
So far, its the best new IP of its generation. What makes this game great is the cooperative play - being able to have a friend join during a certain portion of the game to help out and then letting the AI take control when playing single-player.
wareagle372 (on 20 February 2008)
Just sold over 5 million!!!
surfzone (on 06 February 2008)
The reason for buying the X360!!!
TyePhoid_PAL (on 27 January 2008)
Coop is perfect. Another great is the game chat can be paused and you can private chat with the person instead of game chat.

I hated seeing Kimson die!
KillerMan (on 27 January 2008)
Great game. 9/10
hunter_alien (on 26 January 2008)
This is the game that basicly made the 360 what is today ... before the massive Halo 3 , this was the king of the hill ;) ( the only game that would made me consider to buy a 360 ... well than came the PC version :P ) .
segajon (on 20 January 2008)
Best game on the 360 in my opinion.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 13 January 2008)
i liked it alot more than i was expecting. excellent game so far.
Arkk (on 28 December 2007)
Still one of my fave games of this generation. Absolutely loved the co-op and multiplayer. Deserves every sale it's gotten.
segajon (on 27 December 2007)
Someone change the genre it is not a first person shooter it is a third person.
RSEagle (on 15 December 2007)
A really badass shooter. Hopefully they'll make a more fleshed out campaign and multiplayer in Gears of War 2.
Jessman (on 13 December 2007)
Love it.
ITBobby (on 03 December 2007)
The game that got me into games after a breaktime. AWESOME! 10/10
Squire (on 03 November 2007)
расстройте себе психику как следует
game will make you crazy in negative sense of word
LISMDK (on 21 October 2007)
My favorite game of all time 10/10
smee (on 27 September 2007)
Simply, the best. 10/10
MontanaHatchet (on 14 September 2007)
I love this game, but I've never even played it...

And why?

Just look at how manly they are!

You can't look at the protagonists and not just see big, ugly bunches of spiteful, drunk muscle. We need more of those in games...
NintendoTogepi (on 08 September 2007)
I hate this game, it's so awful.

Easily one of the most overrated games of all time.

Soriku (on 14 August 2007)
^ QFT!
stof (on 14 August 2007)
I haven't played the game yet, but this display page is killing my eyes!
BlackMantis (on 30 July 2007)
Wow cheleuitte, lol. You should just stick to the Wii, and leave real games to the REAL gamers!
momiqbel (on 28 July 2007)
what dis game is da best game out right now for x360 and thats like the only game am playing till halo3 comes out!!!
deathbeast (on 08 July 2007)
hey cheleuitte you frigging nintendo fanboy, don't rate a damn game you havent played.

I prefer mario and zelda too. But this game is awesome and deserves a 10/10.
dgenerate (on 29 June 2007)
One of my favorite games of all-time (and I'm usually a retro gamer)

Amazing controls, graphics, and for once, great voice acting.

Badass is the only word that will do this game justice.

leo-j (on 29 June 2007)
6.66 WAT?! This game should be in the top 10 its gameplay is better tha resistance but doesnt compare to nline though 3 weapons sucks, 9.5/10
cheleuitte (on 26 June 2007)
Andrew (on 20 June 2007)
Okay I made the boxart look a little better
pequi (on 07 June 2007)
Amazing game. But I think this boxart would be more suitable
Andrew (on 06 June 2007)
An excellent game through and through, the gameplay and cover system is just about perfect. No other game can compare for the intense co-op system in which you can play the entire campaign through. A defenite must for any Xbox 360 action/shooter fan

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nugget (on 27 October 2014)
Had to learn how to play it but, I
agree, it was totally worth it!
drake_tolu (on 23 June 2014)
Fantastic game.
Good sales. :)
Dark_Lord_2008 (on 27 March 2013)
closing in on 6 million. launched over 6
years ago. An Epic game that kick
started the legendary Gears of War
Deyon (on 26 January 2013)
The only reason i bought an Xbox,
totally worth it!
thewastedyouth (on 27 December 2012)
lol Japan sales
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