Hyrule Warriors

Global Total as of 21st Mar 2015 (units): 0.91m
Platform: Wii U
Developer: Tecmo Koei Genre: Action

Total Units

North America: 0.44m 48.3%
+ Europe: 0.28m 30.7%
+ Japan: 0.12m 13.6%
+ Rest of the World: 0.07m 7.4%
= Global 0.91m

Release History

Hyrule Warriors NintendoJapan14th August 2014Retail
Hyrule Warriors NintendoEurope19th September 2014Retail
Hyrule Warriors NintendoNorth America26th September 2014Retail

Game Overview

Hyrule Warriors is a collaboration between Nintendo and Tecmo Koei, which fuses elements from the iconic The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors franchises to create a hack-and-slash action game based in the land of Hyrule.

After Princess Zelda is reported to be missing after a major attack on Hyrule Castle by Wizro and Volga, Link and Impa must set off to locate her before it is too late. After encountering a mysterious woman named Shiek, the three continue their search after she informs them of another woman leading a rebelious force against the evil forces of Wizro. The three continue their journey, locating and making new allies along the way, trying to find and save the princess from certain doom.  



Skullwaker (on 04 April 2015)
Only 100k to go!
Ryng_Tolu (on 27 March 2015)
Undertracked in the US, and even more in
Europe... if this game don't have break
1,000,000, it will pass very son.
Skullwaker (on 04 February 2015)
Good 2015 legs so far! Should easily hit
1m before E3.
Clyde32 (on 04 February 2015)
Smash is second party because it's an
owned IP. Like Pokemon.
Paatar (on 30 January 2015)
@KyleeStrutt But seriously when does
Sakurai ever make games that aren't
Nintendo? He might be officially
independent, but he rarely ever makes
games for other companies.
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