Final Fantasy XIII

Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): 5.35m
Platform: PlayStation 3Also on: Xbox 360
Developer: Square Enix Genre: Role-Playing

USA First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
13th March 20101477,145N/A477,145
20th March 20102127,822-73.2%604,967
27th March 2010372,598-43.2%677,565
03rd April 2010444,594-38.6%722,159
10th April 2010529,288-34.3%751,447
17th April 2010623,819-18.7%775,266
24th April 2010720,681-13.2%795,947
01st May 2010821,2862.9%817,233
08th May 2010915,420-27.6%832,653
15th May 20101012,423-19.4%845,076

USA Annual Summary (Units)


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COKTOE (on 08 September 2017)
A fantastic entry in the series, with
it's main flaw being that it takes a
very long time for the combat to reveal
it's greatness. Makes FF VII look like
a pile of oily rags. Set that shit on
fire and give FF XIII a try. Before
long, you'll be glad Aeris is dead.
Dadrik (on 05 December 2016)
Combat was pretty aight, graphics were
great, musics were godlike, game was
pretty long, but the thing is that the
game takes pretty much 25 hours to
actually take off and feel like an
actual FF game. And it still has meh
characters and an average story.

game isn't THAT awful, but it's
certainly painful to play at times,
since we know it might end up be great,
but we have to stick through hours of
ultralinear gameplay before it finally
gets interesting.

FF X was very
linear too at the beginning, but it at
least made up for it with a great story
and a shorter "intro", imo.
VXIII (on 09 January 2016)
The 4th best selling in the franchise (
7.45M ) behind VII, X, and VIII .That is
without counting the PC version. :-)
fatslob-:O (on 31 July 2015)
Looking back I can say it was a great
game ... :)
ExplodingBlock (on 19 June 2015)
Walk in a straight line, fight easy
battle. Repeat
There you go, the entire
game in one sentence
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