Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Global Total as of 15th Apr 2017 (units): 9.04m
Platform: PlayStation 4
Developer: Naughty Dog Genre: Shooter

Comments (159)

Rob5VGC (2 days ago)
9 million! Road to 10 million begins now!
Kyuu (3 days ago)
I assumed The Last of Us is the bigger name.. I'm not so sure about that now.

TloU 2 has a small chance to outsell Gran Turismo 3, but it's also possible it will struggle to reach U4's lifetime numbers which I imagine will be around 11 or even 12 Million.
DialgaMarine (3 days ago)
I'm calling it now; The Last of Us Part 2 is going to sell even better.
think-man (on 16 May 2017)
Wow, the game has only been out for a year aswell.
Shikamo (on 15 May 2017)
Deviance (on 12 May 2017)
9 million is only the physical copies!Excluding digital!I think about 10
aceospades (on 11 May 2017)
9M in one year. I'm calling 11.5-12M lifetime
CGI-Quality (on 07 May 2017)
It will easily reach 10 million.
Heavenly_King (on 04 May 2017)
If this game reaches 10M it would be such a fantastic acomplisment for naughty dog. I hope it reaches those numbers.
WagnerPaiva (on 20 April 2017)
Add one more copy from the Brazil region. I bought mine today =)
Dallinor (on 11 April 2017)
It will depend on it's boost over the xmas period, but all it really needs to do is maintain it's current numbers, then rise by about 10k per week during Nov and Dec to cross it. Very possible.
Radek (on 10 April 2017)
Will it reach 10 million this year? Lost Legacy is standalone DLC so it won't boost it's sales.
Groundking (on 26 March 2017)
@StreaK FFXV released in the Holidays, has bigger Japanese numbers, which are also more front-loaded.
StreaK (on 12 March 2017)
Ummm wow!!!???
FFXV sold more than Uncharted 4 within the first 10 weeks. How???
FentonCrackshell (on 22 February 2017)
Deadpoolio is iodized!!!
lapusuh (on 22 February 2017)
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Deadpoolio (on 19 February 2017)
Almost the majority so people are getting excited for nothing.
Deadpoolio (on 19 February 2017)
Almost the majority so people are getting excited for nothing.
Deadpoolio (on 19 February 2017)
Almost the majority so people are getting excited for nothing.
StreaK (on 19 February 2017)
I wonder how many millions of these sales are from the bundles.
CGI-Quality (on 17 February 2017)
Road to 10 million (or shall I say: "a quick jog") should happen no later than the first of May. Faster than Gran Turismo 5.
Ljink96 (on 16 February 2017)
Guess that bundle is really helping. Road to 10 has initiated!
Kerotan (on 02 February 2017)
1.7m to go and this hits 10m retail!
greencactaur (on 02 February 2017)
Woahhhh nice! I never played uncharted, but it's great to see a game succeed in reviews, and sales :3.
Mentore (on 31 January 2017)
Uncharted 4 > Every Xbox One ex clusives in 2016 combined.
zilemiwaka (on 28 January 2017)
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zilemiwaka (on 28 January 2017)
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CGI-Quality (on 25 January 2017)
With the 8.7m figures we now have, this needs an update. :p
Kerotan (on 22 January 2017)
Over 7m. Absolute beast.
Mentore (on 22 January 2017)
There you go.
Rob5VGC (on 22 January 2017)
Best selling Uncharted.
Mentore (on 20 January 2017)
Maybe... BOTW, SMO and Splatoon 2 can be huge. I would say Pokemon Switch or Mario Kart 9 but people say the Switch is a handheld and not a home console... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
KrspaceT (on 20 January 2017)
Could it, certainly? But who knows: Zelda Breath of the Wild might take it's crown
Mentore (on 18 January 2017)
About to dethrone Mario Kart 8 as the best selling home console exclusive this gen.
gokocuja (on 18 January 2017)
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StreaK (on 18 January 2017)
What the hell??? Already pretty much beating the lifetime sales of all previous titles in the series in LESS than a year. Shocking, but then again I really thought about it and well, it IS a highly bundled game. There are many probably selling the game to get something else.
Games that are bundled that do well are NEVER as impressive as games that sell well and are NOT bundled. Because then at least you know people ARE going out of their way to purchase the game.
Rob5VGC (on 17 January 2017)
About to be the best selling Uncharted game.
Rob5VGC (on 17 January 2017)
6 million!
Kerotan (on 17 January 2017)
6.6m retail with latest update!
WebMasterFlex (on 15 January 2017)
Almost 9 million already sold. Update time.
Machina (on 11 January 2017)
Should easily do that much. I think you're over-estimating digital share personally. Don't forget this was the main bundled game for PS4 over the holidays, so its retail share is going to be much higher than normal for a core PS4 title.
Kerotan (on 10 January 2017)
@machina I didn't really give it thought. It probably will
Machina (on 10 January 2017)
@Kerotan - You don't think it will sell 1.4 million+ in December?
raulbalarezo (on 05 January 2017)
10m should be easy, it will have a complete edition with all dlc, updates and standalone story dlc
Kerotan (on 04 January 2017)
8.7m sold after the holidays to consumers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I reckon about 2m digital which means this should have sold 6.7m retail. Very undertracked.

But it confirms my belief. Uncharted 4 hits 10m EASILY. Possibly someday at retail only too. BEAST.
moparocu (on 27 December 2016)
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fluky-nintendy (on 24 December 2016)
Deserved af, bundled or not doesnt mattter in my book
Kerotan (on 24 December 2016)
Uncharted 4 is in beast mode.
AngryLittleAlchemist (on 23 December 2016)
Again, just an update from my previous comment - this is currently on average(a median) doing 768,324 copies per month and has been out for a 7 month period. Uncharted 3 only sold about 397,500 copies per month for it's first 14 months. That's obviously an average and not completely accurage, but it does mean this is selling almost at twice the speed than Uncharted 3. Hell, if this is undertracked by 500,000 maybe even over 2x faster selling than 3?
Dadrik (on 22 December 2016)
Will do more in a year than what UC3 did in 2 years.
WebMasterFlex (on 22 December 2016)
Could do 10M lifetime
ifahadx (on 21 December 2016)
@Machina oh ! that makes sense , now they update and show 431,286 as of 26th NOV in germany
and 5.38m worldwide so it can reach 6.5 million as end of 2016 !! sell more then 1 million in december look like crazy for 7 months game but since it will be the main bandle i can see it happen !!
that make 3,5 million after 2016 if the UN4 bandle still the main bundle for the first 6 half of 2017!! but since horizon 0 down will be in march IDK what will be the main bandle UN4 or horizon !! so 10 million for UN4 can be expected
Rob5VGC (on 21 December 2016)
And passed U1.
Rob5VGC (on 21 December 2016)
5 million!
Machina (on 21 December 2016)
@ifahadx - short answer: yes it's undertracked, and it will be adjusted up (not just in Germany but in 'other Europe' and in the Americas). Roughly I'd say expect a 500k increase altogether.

longer answer: It's undertracked but you're not comparing like with like. Don't forget there are still two weeks of Nov sales to add to our tally in Germany on this page, so we won't have it at 384k for the period covered by BIU at all, it'll actually be in the high 400ks. It's also worth noting BIU often count digital sales in their totals, although it's unclear if they did in the case of Uncharted 4.
ifahadx (on 20 December 2016)
great sales for UN4 . but how come vgcharts say it only had 384,727 copies sold in germany .
early this week uncharted take BIU award for sell more them 500,000 copies -second game from sony who win this award after GT5 and it take 6 months for UN4 to sell 500,000 vs 8 months for GT5
and it is best seller game in 2016 more then any other game

call me crazy but i think uncharted 4 can reach 10 millions sales !! and i think it will be best Exclusive seller game in this gen !!
Mentore (on 19 December 2016)
Now that it is bundled with the PS4 slim it should add at least another million in sales this holiday. 6 million by the end of the year is possible. Over 8 million with digital.
Mentore (on 19 December 2016)
Over 4.50 million in less than a year without heavy bundles and without the help of holiday sales.
Qwark (on 18 December 2016)
If you include digital this game will cross the 6 million mark this perhaps even the 6.5 million mark. If you account 20% of the sales being digital.
AngryLittleAlchemist (on 16 December 2016)
*THIS GAME IS SELLING BETTER*, it didn't outsell Uncharted 3 yet lol oops
AngryLittleAlchemist (on 16 December 2016)
This game sold better than the best selling Uncharted game, Uncharted 3, in it's first year. Now you may say "Well this came out way earlier than Uncharted 3 did in it's opening year!"...but looking at the numbers, Uncharted 3 sold 5,500,000 copies from November 2011 to the end of 2012. Uncharted 4 has already sold almost 5 million in just it's first 7 months. THAT IS HUGE GROWTH. That is about 714,285 average sales per month versus Uncharted 3's 392,000 per month.
raulbalarezo (on 16 December 2016)
I still think this can cross 6 million this year
think-man (on 16 December 2016)
Should cross 5 million this week.
AngryLittleAlchemist (on 14 December 2016)
Hoping Playstation 4 wins next year too. Not because I prefer Sony, but when you look at all the exclusives they have coming out next year, they deserve to win.
GameAnalyser (on 14 December 2016)
sorry to break out guys...sony has been killing the competition. Xbox One needs Scorpio maybe to stay in this.
Mentore (on 14 December 2016)
It outsold Halo 5 already without the help of black friday sales.

AngryLittleAlchemist (on 14 December 2016)
Won't go to 6 mil this year but 200k for a week is really great and that's probably very undertracked(not including digital either). Haven't finished this yet - haven't finished any of my pS4 games except INfamous lol
Kerotan (on 08 December 2016)
about to cross 5m!
Rob5VGC (on 28 November 2016)
Finally surpassed NDC.
Radek (on 23 November 2016)
I hope they announce Story DLC on PSX this December. This should help sales of base game and I'm hyped for more Uncharted action. Last story DLC for last Uncharted game.
Rob5VGC (on 22 November 2016)
1 mo week.
Kerotan (on 22 November 2016)
4.5m!!! Can it beat 6m this year? With the black friday bundle and already solid legs it has a super chance! GOTY 2016 selling as it deserves!
Dadrik (on 07 November 2016)
The PS4 Slim released on the 15th of September, while UC4 had relaly solid legs from the very beginning. Also, it barely changed its numbers (it was still selling >40k before the PS4S release). And the PS4 Slim isn't selling that much anyway.. So you're really pushing the whole "boost" thing anyway.
Mr Puggsly (on 02 November 2016)
@oniyde - Nope, $299 PS4 Slim comes with UC4. That's how PS4 Slim launched. I simply pointed out that helped legs. Am I wrong?
Kerotan (on 26 October 2016)
It just passed out halo 5. Wow who would have thought it possible!
Colocho (on 25 October 2016)
@oniyide - he always does that... He always tries to down play the sales of ps4 xclusives. Just accept thm Mr Puggsly.
oniyide (on 25 October 2016)
@mr pugsly that was a limited edition bundle but nice try attempting to downplay. THey only just started adding it in with Slim. That means people have been buying the game since launch
Mr Puggsly (on 24 October 2016)
@Dadrik - Its getting a boost from bundles.
Dadrik (on 23 October 2016)
SO to the people who claimed the game's sales would plummet after the first weeks.
raulbalarezo (on 22 October 2016)
Great Legs
DialgaMarine (on 12 October 2016)
Hot damn! Over 4 months in, and still high up in the charts, despite all the competition. It should be about 60K behind Halo 5 by now. It should be able to easily clear that gap before the holidays, and it will become the best selling exclusive between PS4 and XB1. Well deserved.
Shikamo (on 05 October 2016)
shw30222 (on 02 October 2016)

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Rob5VGC (on 26 September 2016)
4 million! A week earlier than I expected.
JMaine518 (on 21 September 2016)
Should be well over 4 million sales now
raulbalarezo (on 15 September 2016)
Wondering how much ps4slim bundle will help this game sales
Rob5VGC (on 14 September 2016)
Mostly will reach 4 million the week before the PS4 slim bundle releases.
hnh54786 (on 04 September 2016)

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milanez (on 14 August 2016)
with digital sales, this should be well over 5 million by now( if we go by logic that digital make up at least 20% of total sales, which would be reasonable for a game like uncharted)
Kerotan (on 13 August 2016)
The weekly has stopped decreasing and is increasing now. Could have a strong holiday if it settles around that Mark.
bluedawgs (on 01 August 2016)
Hopefully by the end of year we'll see the US sales of this game reach 2 million, cus that would be real good
ReimTime (on 31 July 2016)
Not bad... not bad at all. Throw in some Black Friday bundles and some Holiday bundles and I definitely agree it will hit a cool 5 million by 2017
Dadrik (on 31 July 2016)
If it keeps going like that, this'll reach at least 5M by year's end
Dadrik (on 25 July 2016)
Nice legs for a game that released in May.
Interested to see how it'll do this Holiday season.
Dadrik (on 25 July 2016)
Nice legs for a game that released in May.
Interested to see how it'll do this Holiday season.
gzg43313 (on 25 July 2016)
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patriotplayer90 (on 25 July 2016)
The multiplayer is really underrated. The single player is overrated. More of a tech demo-beautiful visuals, and some excellent set pieces and gameplay. But it's not the action-packed adrenaline rush that UC2 is. Too much "sight-seeing" and walking around, not enough combat.
Shikamo (on 21 July 2016)
3m for the best game of the year until now :)
GodOfPeace3 (on 21 July 2016)
Game of the Year
Kerotan (on 21 July 2016)
3 million retail!!

Good start for the game of the gen.
Rob5VGC (on 21 July 2016)
3 million. Congrats.
Mr Puggsly (on 19 July 2016)
Just finished it recently. For story telling and presentation, this game sets a new benchmark. As a game though, I found it tedious, puzzles weren't very interesting, combat was underwhelming, etc.

I told a friend he might enjoy watching the story on YouTube more then actually playing it.
oaj28590 (on 19 July 2016)
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Dark_Lord_2008 (on 05 July 2016)
A must buy for PS4 gamers and well on track to sell over 7 million over its lifetime.
kyprime (on 01 July 2016)
Europe putting US to shame
Dadrik (on 01 July 2016)
3M in 4 weeks retail would have been cool, so close !
mmc39602 (on 29 June 2016)
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CerealEnthusiast (on 28 June 2016)
Apparently it sold over 1 million via digital.
Dadrik (on 28 June 2016)
Adjusted down, as expected. Still huge numbers, and seems to hold pretty well after the 2nd week drop
think-man (on 14 June 2016)
@AmericanAli compared to Uncharted 3 these sales are amazing
busbfran (on 14 June 2016)
these sales are dropping very very fast
AmericanAli (on 14 June 2016)
These US sales are....devastating. Europe is carrying this game, i would not have seen this coming i always though the Uncharted series has equal popularity in the US and the EU.
vka37951 (on 12 June 2016)
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Zekkyou (on 12 June 2016)
@StreaK It'll probably drop below that quicker here than previous entries (given it doesn't get to benefit from the holiday build, and digital is more relevant now), but hopefully it does manage to settle at a good general baseline.
StreaK (on 12 June 2016)
Wow, huge drop. Let's hope it keeps selling around 100,000 copies weekly.
Kerotan (on 11 June 2016)
Epic opening!
WebMasterFlex (on 11 June 2016)
Great. I will soon have the game...
Ryng_Tolu (on 11 June 2016)
194k in UK (hum yeah) VS 154k in Germany?
...I hardly doubt UK is bigger than Germany. 40k more is surely out of the question.

This should expain the overtrack in the USA.
Mr Puggsly (on 11 June 2016)
@Ruler - When digital is factored in all games are higher. The number youre talking about includes digital.
Ruler (on 11 June 2016)
its actually 2.7
Mr Puggsly (on 11 June 2016)
Yeah, the huge drop is no surprise. This game was hyped for a long time and delayed many times. That helped for a huge opening.
Boutros (on 10 June 2016)
Damn that second week drop roflmao
Zekkyou (on 09 June 2016)
(Sorry for the log post, everyone :D)
Zekkyou (on 09 June 2016)
@spacedelete This seems to be becoming a bit of a habit for you. When R&C released with record sales for the series, you told us all that is was actually a disappointment because of "xyz assumed variable". Now, Uncharted 4 has similarly broken sales records for its series (in-fact it's broken the sales record for exclusive 8th gen titles in general), and yet here you are making the same claims. If you continually paint success as a failure based on an assumed negative reality (e.g. claiming it was "very expensive", to the point you believe considering it's sales disappointing is justified, yet provide no source of its actual cost), and paint it's record breaking sales as people "rightfully ignoring it", people are going to assume (true or not) that your opions are founded in a position of bias, rather than logic.

If in a few months the data back up your position, then by all means, return and express that. But as it stands, both your comments here and on the R&C page rely too much on how you assume the world to be, rather than how it presently appears. All we know right now is that, based on the facts we can be certain off, Uncharted 4 is doing well. Maybe later on we'll find out it cost hundreds of millions, or that it's long-term legs will be dreadful (counter to previous entries), but neither of those are currently anything except speculation.
mjk45 (on 09 June 2016)
Space delete not sure about the cost of UC4 but ND said that the cost of the first game was 20m and the next two cost 40m each
Mr Puggsly (on 09 June 2016)
Incredible opening, curious to see how those legs hold up. Destiny had an opening of 2.1 million.
Sam1994 (on 09 June 2016)
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception:1345920 Uncharted 4: A Thief's End:2336971 congrats to PlayStation
oniyide (on 09 June 2016)
Spacedelete. Stop moving goal post and just take the L
iron_megalith (on 09 June 2016)
Wow the salt deposits here are phenomenal. 2.3M FW is no longer good? Damn. Lot of studios will kill for that. SMH
xboxonefan (on 09 June 2016)
Oops I forgot to put exclusive ip
xboxonefan (on 09 June 2016)
It sold 2 million first week amazing for a non Nintendo ip
Dr.Vita (on 09 June 2016)
This is such an insane first week for this game!!!
Going to be the biggest game in the frachise and will reach 10M+ lifetime!!!
Kerotan (on 09 June 2016)
What massive growth for this franchise. Deserved!
Dadrik (on 09 June 2016)
75% *

Also, UC games always had nice legs.
Dadrik (on 09 June 2016)
Even with a 85% drop, it would sell more than 700k second week, which would mean 3M+ in two weeks, which is still huge, especially for an exclusive.

Just deal with the fact that you were wrong, it's okay, there's no shame in that.
spacedelete (on 09 June 2016)
alot of people in this chat saying these sales are good smh. this game was very expensive to develop and the marketing wasn't cheap either as it was the biggest advertised Sony first party game ever.

also the sales have dropped off massively as most of this games sales are from its first week. Uncharted games have awful legs as they should. no room for expensive linear games with no replay value anymore and the market is rightfully ignoring this game.
Rob5VGC (on 09 June 2016)
Hory shet! Amazing. Hail Europe.
Sam1994 (on 09 June 2016)
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception:1345920 Uncharted 4: A Thief's End:2336971 congrats to PlayStation

Shikamo (on 09 June 2016)
Good Numbers!
Dadrik (on 08 June 2016)
957k in EU holy hell
think-man (on 02 June 2016)
SpaceDelete makes horrible predictions lol just look at the ratchet and clank page for a good "lol"
Dadrik (on 01 June 2016)
spacedelete: 2.7M FW (official annoucement: http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/05/23/uncharted-4-sold-27-million-units-in-its-first-week)

Almost halfway to 6M. In one week.
Kerotan (on 01 June 2016)
So with digital it's pretty much done over 1m in the US FW. incredible sales.
Dadrik (on 01 June 2016)
815k FW in the US only. Huge numbers. Well deserved as well.
CGI-Quality (on 24 May 2016)
spacedelete: Quoted. Half way there in just its first 7 days.
spacedelete (on 14 May 2016)
i dont think this is going to sell as well as people think it is. even fifa 16 hasn't sold 8 million yet on ps4 and that franchise is as mainstream as it gets and black ops 3 has sold 13 million but uncharted franchise couldn't even sell over 7 million on ps3 with a 80 million user base so how will uncharted 4 with a user base of 40 million? it can't. many people on my friends list who are hardcore gamers havent even purchased the game because they dont care about uncharted. life time sales will be 6 million at the most. quote me on that you know its true.
GodOfPeace3 (on 11 May 2016)
I'm gonna bet that this sells 6 million copies before Jan 1, 2017. I just started playing a few hours ago (Darn UPS) and I've absolutely loving it.
Dadrik (on 05 May 2016)
9s and 10s all over the place. Dis gun b gud
Skratchy (on 20 April 2016)
Damn. This game will easily have over 600K in preordered by launch day, and that's just in the US. I think we could have 2 million in the first week possibly.
ReimTime (on 18 March 2016)
This game can't come soon enough! I was doing well to avoid getting myself worked up but then they delayed it twice :'( hurry up May!
leyendax69 (on 16 February 2016)
I second think-man
fireburn95 (on 29 December 2015)

4 mill sounds too much, but in April there won't be much competition. It will be high, 4 sounds too much though. Could be possible if they bundle it correctly (a limited edition for 50 bucks more than the standard u4 bundle which should be the minimum price possible)
BreezyBravo (on 02 December 2015)
I predict 4.2 mill FW, call me crazy but I believe it can do it if Fallout 4 did 3 mill FW. Fallout did that with an install base of >30.2 mill (if not already 30.2 mill PS4s). By the time UC4 arrive, PS4 sales should be around 32-38 mill.
raulbalarezo (on 28 November 2015)
2,1 Millions FW is my prediction
bigjon (on 13 February 2015)
8 mil lifetime.
fireburn95 (on 14 January 2015)
This game will easily sell 1 billion. Infact, people without a PS4 will be clamoring to buy this. Infact, people will just go to Sony headquaters and throw their money at them after every chapter of the game. Hell Kaz Hirai will just break into your house and steal your money, and it will all be legal because he made Uncharted 4 and all. Infact, it will be illegal not to purchase Uncharted 4.
hamo0odi90 (on 01 December 2014)
Alright guys , let’s go do it.
One last time
ExplodingBlock (on 24 September 2014)
pls give us gameplay!!!
think-man (on 21 January 2014)
I predict alot of sales :D


Rob5VGC (2 days ago)
9 million! Road to 10 million begins
Kyuu (3 days ago)
I assumed The Last of Us is the bigger
name.. I'm not so sure about that

TloU 2 has a small chance to
outsell Gran Turismo 3, but it's also
possible it will struggle to reach U4's
lifetime numbers which I imagine will be
around 11 or even 12 Million.
DialgaMarine (3 days ago)
I'm calling it now; The Last of Us Part
2 is going to sell even better.
think-man (on 16 May 2017)
Wow, the game has only been out for a
year aswell.
Shikamo (on 15 May 2017)
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