Final Fantasy VII

Global Total as of 28th Jan 2017 (units): 9.72m
Platform: PlayStationAlso on: PlayStation 3, iOS, Microsoft Windows
Developer: SquareSoft Genre: Role-Playing

Total Units

North America: 3.01m 31.0%
+ Europe: 2.47m 25.4%
+ Japan: 3.28m 33.7%
+ Rest of the World: 0.96m 9.9%
= Global 9.72m

Release History

Final Fantasy VII SquareSoftJapan31st January 1997Retail
Final Fantasy VII SquareJapan31st January 1997Retail
Final Fantasy VII Sony Computer Entertainment AmericaNorth America03rd September 1997Retail
Final Fantasy VII International SquareSoftJapan02nd October 1997Retail
Final Fantasy VII Sony Computer Entertainment EuropeEurope17th November 1997Retail
Final Fantasy VII Sony Computer EntertainmentEurope17th November 1997Retail

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RafaelKaito (5 days ago)
FF7, FF9 and FF4 >>>>... FF6.
RafaelKaito (5 days ago)
One of the best games of all time. Keep
crying haters.
StreaK (on 21 June 2015)
FFIX is totally an awesome game but no
matter what, I just can't get over the
character designs. I can't relate to
them. Still, they're not so bad that it
hinders my game experience. The story in
IX is well done but I definitely enjoyed
FFVII and FFVIII more, as well as FFX.
In any case, these 4 are definitely the
best ones. I refer to them all as the
craze and then peaked with FFX - after
that, the game's became weak for me.
gamingpotato7 (on 09 November 2014)
what a great game. Brings a lot of
memories. Anyway, should have more than
10 million by now
Dadrik (on 29 March 2014)
FF VII is a masterpiece. FF IX is a
masterpiece. FF VIII is a little weird,
but it's still great. But seriously,
none of these are as good as FF VI. This
game is the ultimate Final Fantasy, if
not the ultimate JRPG.

Please Square,
make FF XV the way a FF is supposed to
be: great.
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