Forza Motorsport 5

Global Total as of 27th Jun 2015 (units): 2.00m
Platform: Xbox One
Developer: Turn 10 Studios Genre: Racing

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
23rd November 20131325,760N/A325,760
30th November 20132115,389-64.6%441,149
07th December 2013378,480-32.0%519,629
14th December 20134116,30348.2%635,932
21st December 20135130,13811.9%766,070
28th December 20136108,029-17.0%874,099
04th January 2014763,402-41.3%937,501
11th January 2014835,908-43.4%973,409
18th January 2014926,839-25.3%1,000,248
25th January 20141022,028-17.9%1,022,276

Global Annual Summary (Units)


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Chris Hu (on 26 February 2015)
I'm guessing this will sell over 2
million physical copies by the time 6
comes out now. Its kinda sad that it is
currently still selling better the Forza
Horizon 2 which is currently not in the
weekly top 75 but this is.
Chris Hu (on 31 January 2015)
Will probably sell 2 million physical
copies by the time Forza Motorsport 6
comes out but once that comes out this
will sell almost no extra copies since I
expect 6 to be a lot better.
Kerotan (on 13 January 2015)
doubt they will bundle this again with
forza 6 on the way.
Mr Puggsly (on 08 January 2015)
@Ninsect - Well they've been bundling
other games that do a better job at
moving hardware.

Also, they generally
wait about a year before mass bundling a
Forza game. So maybe this will get some
bundling for 2015.
Ninsect (on 23 December 2014)
I wonder why they didn't bundle this
game like the last 3 main games.
Could've made it to 4m+
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