New Super Luigi U

Global Total as of 06th Dec 2014 (units): 1.89m
Platform: Wii U
Developer: Nintendo Genre: Platform

UK First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
27th July 201314,122N/A4,122
03rd August 201321,978-52.0%6,100
10th August 201331,120-43.4%7,220
17th August 201341,067-4.7%8,287
24th August 20135851-20.2%9,138
31st August 20136792-6.9%9,930
07th September 201378112.4%10,741
14th September 201388292.2%11,570
21st September 20139778-6.2%12,348
28th September 201310777-0.1%13,125

UK Annual Summary (Units)



fleischr (on 31 July 2014)
... and people called this a flop
ExplodingBlock (on 27 April 2014)
Nice sales. My guess is that it sold
because it is half the price of a
regular Wii U game, but it still is a
good game
Fededx (on 07 January 2014)
Million seller! GO LUIGI! :D
Munchies (on 02 January 2014)
Another million-seller for the WiiU next
week. Go, Nintendo.
gcube2000 (on 31 December 2013)
these are good numbers. If they keep the
game out until at least the end of next
year this game will be a million seller.
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